Ghost Recon Net

DailyTech are reporting that Ubisoft have announced they will no longer be using Starforce on their games. This will come as a huge relief to Ghost Recon fans, some of whom had already stated they would not be purchasing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter if Starforce was present. The wider gaming community has also been up in arms over Starforce, to the point of organising game boycotts, and even a class action lawsuit against Ubisoft for distributing Starforce in their games.

The Starforce discussion in our forums reached 8 pages long, and the debate will probably continue now in light of this new information. Whatever copy protection Ubisoft uses with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (if any), let’s hope it is not intrusive, and that it doesn’t inconvienience the paying customer – wouldn’t that be a nice turn up for the books.