Ghost Recon Net

Think you have what it takes to be the best team in GRAW2? Then this is your time to prove it!

This is a tournament for the players by the players. There will be a total of 4 mini tournaments, each covering a different GRAW 2 game type. Points will be awarded to each team based on where you place. The higher you the place in each tourney, the more points you will receive. These points will be calculated together to find out which team has the most overall points and that team will be declared ‘The Players’ Champion.

You can compete in just one event and be know as the best for that event .. but why stop at just one.. why not go for the gusto and take them all and be known as the BEST OVERALL TEAM IN GRAW 2!

Don’t wait, head here and read the pinned posts by IrishStout and sign up your team. Sign up will be from today until October 28th. The action will start Nov 2nd. Good luck!