Ghost Recon Net have published their THE HOT 100 GAME DEVELOPERS OF 2007 and placed Red Storm Entertainment just outside of the Top 20.

Placed at No. 14 Steve Reid EVP and Director of Product Development, RSE is credited with leading the RSE team to success with the Ghost Recon series lately.

“Steve Reid has been with Red Storm since the company began, and while it has always been good stewards of the Tom Clancy brand, it’s that “Advanced Warfighter” suffix that’s really defined the Ghost Recon series. The first GRAW is one of the 360’s best-selling hits, with its blend of next generation graphical flair and fascinatingly believable near-future weaponry that helped expand the franchise past the tactical FPS niche audience. Under his direction, GRAW2 launches this month, only a year after the original. An increased focus on multiplayer and a larger next generation console base should help ensure that game’s greater success.”

There were 5 other Ubisoft developers in the top 100.

  • Nicolas Eypert
    Creative Director, Ubisoft Paris
  • Corrine Le Roy
    Managing Director, Ubisoft Shanghai
  • Michel Ancel
    Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal
  • Yannis Mallat
    CEO, Ubisoft Montreal

At number 48 was Maxime Béland Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal.

“Béland has been working on the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series for some time, and has done design work on older titles in the franchise including Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. He has been given the reins to bring the franchise into the next generation however, and the result, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, was hugely successful. In fact, that might be an understatement – Vegas was the most critically hailed iteration in the series yet, scoring well above the series average in most publications. Naturally it sold fantastically as well, giving Ubisoft yet another smash-hit shooter on the new generation of hardware.”

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