Ghost Recon Net

The developer for the PC version of Ghost Recon 3 is obviously keeping in touch with the Ghost Recon community. Many fans are disallusioned with the direction Ghost Recon seems to be taking with the console versions, with a shift away from the steatlth that made the Ghosts famous. Grin seem to be very much aware of this, and have posted this on their website.

We at GRIN are excited and truly happy to be trusted with the development of this game and to bring the legacy forward on the PC. The name of the brand is a no brainer – but we leave it at that for the moment, going covert and stealthy just as it should be.

We want the fans to know that we are fans ourselves and are working hard to bring the classic feeling into the new product.”

It’s interesting to note the wording, especially the use of the word “classic”, bearing in mind the recent GR Classic campaign started by Whiteknight recently. Discussion on Grin’s approach is well underway here.