Ghost Recon Net

As most of you know, long time Staff member here, Whiteknight, was lucky enough to be flown to Germany to meet the development team behind Ghost Recon : Advanced Warfighter, courtesy of Ubisoft.

Whiteknight has put together a very detailed report that spans three pages, a report that has been the source of much impatience from the fans here! Not least because people who know Whiteknight, know that he went to Germany with mixed thoughts about the direction Ghost Recon was apparently taking. The whole trip was worth it just to see Whiteknight handing the CEO of GRIN a six pack of Coca-Cola in reference to his Ghost Recon Classic Campaign. That has to be one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen – you can see that photo and read about it in the full report.

Read the full interview with GRIN here, and post your own thoughts (and thanks to Whiteknight hopefully) in our forums here.