Ghost Recon Net

Swedish games developer Grin have officially announced that they are developing the PC version of Ghost Recon 3. In doing so they have also confirmed its subtitle of “Advanced Warfighter”.

“GRIN is proud to confirm that they are developing the PC version for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™. Working in close collaboration with Ubisoft’s studios, GRIN is delighted to bring its expertise to the next installment on Windows® PC DVD-ROM of the smash-hit squad based shooter franchise.”

Read the full announcement by clicking here[*] and scrolling to the right. As pointed out by ARdelta in our forums, the filenames of the images included in that news article would indicate that they are indeed from the PC version, and the first to be published.

[*] Updates on this news item. Since appearing here, the announcement has been removed from the Grin website. Also note this news first appeared at Blues News.