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Simon Viklund, Sound Designer with GRIN, has penned an extensive tutorial guiding GRAW modders through the process of Editing an Existing Soundbank. The guide explains how to make the radio music heard on some maps actually play your own music playlist, with as many tracks as you like. Along the way, the guide explains how coders can make environmental sounds less repetitive, and more realistic, and the six attributes you can use with the sound tag. There’s even a Seven Step Program to create an entirely new soundbank/wavebank setup for your customised mission.

Simon has also produced a further guide – Soundbanks for Dummies, that explains the basic behind Soundbanks, which among other things cover in detail the fine art of looping sounds, to the point that the gamer will not even realise he’s listening to a repeated sound loop.

These are great guides and we’d like to thank Simon Viklund for the time and effort in producing these detailed GRAW modding tutorials.