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When GRAW 2 was released there was so much of an outcry that the game did not support anti-aliasing that a patch was eventually released that included an anti-aliasing setting.

Unfortunately this was not a true anti alias solution, and what was really only a smoothing effect did little to stop the jaggies that were for some reason, so very noticeable in GRAW 2, even at mid – high resolutions.

Over the years there have been various attempts to get GRAW 2 to run with true anti-aliasing, but nothing has worked – until today!

Thanks to information posted by Thales in our GRAW 2 forum, Nvidia owners can now achieve true anti-aliasing for GRAW 2 with only a few simple tweaks. The effect is awesome. GRAW 2 was always a good looking game but the jaggies spoiled it because they drew the eye so easily, now they are properly smoothed out, the game looks fantastic.

To adjust the required settings, download Nvidia Inspector and select the GRAW 2 profile. See our forums for more help and advice. Credits to jackfuste and GanjaStar for bringing us this fix!