Ghost Recon Net

If you are still debating whether or not to download the 1.7Gb GRAW 2 single player demo, perhaps some of the early feedback may persuade you…

“…certainly kicks the series it into modern times AND IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION” Pondlife

“Can’t wait till next week for the full game, if this really is a sample of whats to come.” Freshmixture

“Recon mode actually works.  We were able to sneak our way below, above, and behind enemy positions… Do you like stealth? If so, you’ll like GRAW 2 ” Cangaroo.TNT

“I am in love with this game” Intelfactor

“Some of the best texture work ive ever seen, some parts made me go “wow”” H3RO (teamxbox PC forums)

“Overall very positive” Nutlink

“Well done “THE GRIN” A game that truly rivals the original” viiiper.

holy shades of OGR I like this thing” ruggbutt

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