Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft are running a huge new GR:AW Tournament in the UK for 360 players at Fuse 06. The finals in November feature some awesome prizes, including this sharp GR:AW PC pictured below.

Fuse 06 GRAW PC Prize

“FUSE ’06 will bring together gaming and rock music for the first time at a major UK gaming event, and will be staged at Multiplay’s i29 – the UK’s biggest LAN gaming party which regularly draws over 1000 dedicated gamers.”

The official press release with all the details you need to sign up can be found in our GR:AW 360 forums here, and also remember to visit the official Fuse 06 website, good luck! p.s While you are at the Fuse site, make sure you check out the video of one of the Frag dolls at the location of the Warfighters gaming facility!