Ghost Recon Net

A couple of days ago a group of lucky fans from our forums were guests of GRAW 2 Xbox 360 developers Red Storm Entertainment at their North Carolina headquarters. By all accounts the fans were treated to a superb day of very open GRAW 2 conversation and were lucky enough to get some hands on game time with GRAW 2 a few days before its official launch.

“They (RSE) are great people to sit and talk with and you can just tell that they are passionate about the game just as much as the fans are.” Payle Ryder

W1ngshot has written up a diary of his day here, and Payle Ryder presents his recollection of the day here. They guys are discussing what they saw and what they heard in our forums here.

A word of thanks to our own ZJJ for organising this event, and to RSE for the tremendious hospitality they extended to those lucky enough to go!