Ghost Recon Net

NYR (’s second E3 man) reports back from E3 with the following information straight from the Ubisoft booth!

In an interesting discussion about Ghost Recon 3 it transpired that Ghost Recon 3 is a multi-studio project with different aspects if the game being handled by different studios. The multi-player aspect is being worked on back at Ghost Recon’s birth place in Carolina by Red Storm Entertainment, using their own inhouse engine.

The single player game is powered by a different game engine developed by a Swedish development studio, and we were told that visually it was stunning, as good as Half Life. The Red Storm team confirmed that the PC version of Ghost Recon 3 is well underway, possibly further along that the Xbox 360 version at this time.

One detail that we managed to tie down is that first person weapon view is an option, which will please alot of gamers.