Ghost Recon Net

CSR by Cangaroo.TNT is a custom multiplayer gametype for GRAW 2 that comes with 4 maps. The objective is quite straight forward, but with detailed scoring and clever spawn rules, this is a game that will be won by the intelligent squad not the gun happy crowd.

“The objective for both teams is to find the VIP before the opposing team. Centcom has intel on his last 16 known locations. Once you find him, help him make his way to the extraction point before the enemy can track him down and kill him. Be careful not to extract your CSAR team before the VIP. Either team can locate the VIP. Whichever team is successfull is considered the CSAR team”

Download Combat Search and Rescue here, get online at the “Combat Search And Rescue” server, and find out who rules at hostage recovery! Will you escort the VIP if you find him, or wait for your squad to back you up? Maybe you’d rather camp it out at a likely spot and take out the enemy as he snoops around… lot’s of strategy in this gametype! Read more on this extremely clever GRAW 2 modification in the forums here.