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Our Story is the longest running Ghost Recon site on the planet. This fan site has been around even longer than the official Ubisoft Ghost Recon site! Scroll down to see an archive of how Ghost Recon .net has changed over the years.

We provide the most up to date and resource packed Ghost Recon fan website anywhere. Why? Because the Ghost Recon series of games are awesome. Later titles in the series always bring something new but the older titles retain much of what makes them every bit as desirable, and that’s why we support every Ghost Recon game equally!


Your site is one of the very best I have seen. Congratulations.
I visit on a daily basis. This community is a strong one for sure…
this is the best moderated game forum I have encountered. You and your fellow moderators are to be congratulated.
Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for a excellent site. There’s obviously a lot of hard work that goes into Ghost Recon Net, and it is greatly appreciated by people like myself who visit daily to read the latest news.
… site that defines all awesomeness

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We’re extremely proud of our Ghost Recon resource which contains hundreds of downloads, countless exclusive reports and the longest running Ghost Recon forums anywhere.

So what keeps us going? We love the game, and we love the community! Our mod collection has grown to the largest Ghost Recon download Archive anywhere and our forums have helped thousands of fans enjoy the game even more. We strive to continue supporting the Ghost Recon series of games, adding more content and downloads and providing support for these fantastic games!

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This is how the very first looked, partially. Some of the images have beenlost over time but we can seehow the site started out. Jester was one of the very first staff and he helped with the early design.

This early 3 column news layout was taken from sister site which focussed on the Rainbow Six series of games.


LATE 2001

Later in the year we quickly switched to a more linear design with a side bar for popular features such as dedicated server listings.


Three years later we introduced news sections with a game bar at the top of the news feed which allowed quick access to news about any specific Ghost Recon title.

I particularly liked the design of the header image from this year.

The top side bar box reminds me of playing Ghost Recon in 3D, what an awesome experience that was.


Another three years on and in 2007 we can see the series has grown to include two GRAW games. This layout has my favourite news selector bar sitting at the top of news feed.


This is probably my favourite layout for the news page. It’s very clean, the mod listing in the side bar looks great and the banner image is actually a slider which shows the latest GRAW mods.



A year on and the layour is basically the same but we cansee the addition of Future Soldier in the news bar. 

The sidebar feature reminds of the competition we ran where we gave away every game in the series, every Sunday!


This was the biggest change of all. At this point I changed the entire news  infrastructure away from coranto and moved onto the wordpress platform. A lot of work went into ensuring that no content was lost and 15 years of Ghost Recon news and content was preserved.

I liked the clean fresh look, and while WordPress offered more features than previoulsy available to the site, it did bring its own set of challenges.


Technical challenges forced another redesign 5 years later. With a completely new custom layout, the site looks more relevant, but the news article layout harks back to the very first layout in 2001 with a more scattered approach than the previous 19 years of the in-line layout.

This layout has more focus on content, drawing out popular articles and content such as game guides and mods.