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September 2003

Globe Update

Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 29 2003

There's another patch for the Globetrotting campaign, grab it here. I've been updating the main Globetrotting entry in the downloads database, so if you have missed any of the patches you can find links for them all there.


Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 29 2003 is launching a new league with a Ghost Recon section. World Gaming League has lead admins consisting of players from WOLF, =FC=, SRS and BsR, and they have a mission to provide "the fairest playing league that can possibly exist". 

New sign-ups are supplied with free Public/Private forums, free Teamspeak 2 channel and for a limited time there are 4 slots eligible to receive 30meg webspace with a subdomain for for your team.

SSL 2003 ]RS[

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, September 28 2003

Rabidd Saints have been crowned the winners of Alpha Squads tremendous Stealth Score Leaderboard. As well as earning the respect of the co-op community for their gaming prowess, the winners also take away some T-shirts and games kindly donated by Ubi Soft. Coolhand and Bad Azz Danes came in runner up positions.

Twenty teams pitted their wits and stealth against some superb missions created by Alpha Squad specifically for the tournament, including the final mission where the location was even kept secret until the actual insertion - which added even more tension to the proceedings!

You can check the final standings here, congrats to every team that took part, Rabidd Saints for winning, and our very own [GRNET] team for their top half of the table result! A huge vote of thanks to Alpha Squad for running the competition, which included scripting, supervising and hosting - great job!

WMC Opens!

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 26 2003

The Weapons Modding Competition is officially open! Elpatricio has posted details in our forums here. This round the weapon is the MP5KA4, so start modelling now!

Urban Ghost

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 26 2003

Shot has released his Urban Ghost modification. It contains all new MP Skins,  3 new weapons, Beretta 96G Elite 2, Beryl, and G36. Urban Skins replace the IT skins, so whenever you switch from a forest map to an urban map your camo changes.  It also has reworked splash screens and an awesome theme song. Download here.

azzcup 2003

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, September 25 2003

BAD are launching a Ghost Recon co-op tournament on the 15th of October. Anyone who has played on the coop circuit will know the name BAD, respected for their professionalism and skill. In azzcup 2003 they aim to take their experience of winning tournaments into running a successful tournament.

The main website is here where you'll find a very cool flash movie to build the hype, the plot for the tournament missions, and the entry form. sign ups are initially restriced to 10 teams, so do not waste anytime getting your name down! Good luck - see you in the leadboard!

Globe Trotting Patch

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, September 25 2003

Those of you enjoying EricJ's Globe Trotting campaign should download this file that will correct a problem with one of the missions. I have added this patch to the same entry as the main Globe Trotting mod in the Download section. Keep up with feedback on this mod in this discussion.


Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, September 24 2003

Thumper1518 has just completed his 762 mod, grab it here. The mod features some interesting weapons, including the HK 69, the Tubb 2000 and the SA58, and a M21 that is extremely nice.

Follow the 3 month build up to this mods release and leave feedback in our forums here.

Release Dates

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, September 24 2003

Here's the latest game release dates from Ubi Soft UK.

Ghost Recon : Jungle Storm [PS2] 28th Nov 2003
Splinter Cell Classics [XBox] 17th Oct 2003
Splinter Cell Collectors Edition [PCCD] 7th Nov 2003
Raven Shield - Athena Sword [PCCD] 24th Oct 2003
XIII [XBox PCCD] 31st Oct 2003
Far Cry [PCCD] 28th Nov 2003

Those are all going to be top titles, and all due out before Christmas! Feel free to discuss them in our Computer Games Forum.

Globe Patch

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, September 24 2003

EricJ has released a tiny patch for his Globe Trotting campaign. Download here and put the 3 files into their respective folders.


Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 23 2003

Our 5th and final news post for today is a cool new Ghost Recon movie added to our Movie downloads, made by Sydrik called "crawling". You can download the high quality version from Fileplanet here, or a smaller file can be downloaded here. Some fan feedback on this funny movie...

"oh man thats great, made my day!" Sartillies
"Oh yea this has got to be the funniest GR movie" Zeko
"Very very good video" Zantar45
LMAO! That was classic, man. Very clever and very well done." Pyro Monty

More discussion is already underway here.


Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 23 2003

The 28th modding report has been added to our Modding Recon section - and this one will help modders add helicopters to their missions.

The report is by EricJ (author of the Globe Trotting campaign ) and can be viewed here.

Weapon Modelling

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 23 2003

Weapon modellers at the ready - we are running a regular competition to find the most skilled weapons modeller in the community!

The competition is being run by one of our Consultants - Elpatricio, and he is judging along with Pyro Monty and Earl. This should bring out some really neat weapons, from some very skilled modders, but everyone is welcome to try out!

Read the announcement here.

3 Ghosts

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 23 2003

Here's a new idea, an audio story made up of game samples and voices, but it is bound to sound disjointed, with no real "story", isn't it? That's what I thought, especially at the start when I realised it was 100% Ghost Recon game sounds, with nothing extra to fill in and hold the story together. But this is a real class act - it has a story, action, soundtrack and of course Ghosts. A clever idea, extremely well executed. It must have taken the author an age to prepare and mix it together.

Here's some fan feedback on this Audio Story.

"That was utterly, utterly great!" Robbel
"That was excellent! Really cheered up my day" Hostile Person
"Thx to the author for a job well done. " SGT Spear

It is a 10 minutes long mp3 and you can download it here, enjoy it and listen carefully to understand the ending, then discuss here.

Globe Trotting

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 23 2003

Here's a brand new 16 mission campaign from EricJ to keep you going until the weekend. Globe Trotting includes nice cinematic intro's and a neat campaign to work through. It needs Desert Siege and Island Thunder, is around 10Mb, and you can get it here.


Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 22 2003

SOTO Phantm has added another assault rifle to our Arms section - the FN FAL. Although not in active service in many countries anymore, this Belgian made weapon is still in use in some parts of the world, and still produced in the USA and Brazil.

In Ghost Recon this may be one of the most under used and under valued weapons, read the full report here, and join in the discussion with some FAL fans here.


Posted by zjj on Sunday, September 21 2003

Congratulations need to go out to the winners of our Sig Award Competitions.  The results of the judging by our forum members for the first ever People's Choice Award determined that [GR] Cool K had the winning entry.

However, the staff judges came to a different conclusion.  They determined that the winning entry was done by no other than's own webmaster, ROCKY!

Congratulations to both of you!

Details for round 10, posted on September 22, can be found here.


Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 19 2003

Here's a fun 80Kb to keep you going this weekend, a new mission from en4rcment of the TacticalGamer community. This mission require DS and IT, and can be played solo, or online - containing...

- An actual "ride-in" insertion (non-cinematic)
- Calling in air support.
- A cinematic extract for SP

Download here, and leave feedback for en4rcment in our forums here where you will find the full briefing and some tips from fans who have already played it!

War Games

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 19 2003

Dead Preacher sent in his War Games pack, you can download it here. There's a bunch of interesting game types to add a little variety to your multiplayer games and it's less than half a megabyte. There are 15 Team Sniper maps, and 8 Siege maps, and much more. You will need Desert Siege and Island Thunder to play it though. These games only need to be installed by the host, and you must read the included readme for instructions.

Vote Now!

Posted by zjj on Wednesday, September 17 2003

For the past few months we have been running a Sig Award competition in the forums.  Members have been showcasing their graphic talents by producing sig images in regularly scheduled competitions.

The judging has started for Sig Awards #9, so take a look at this contest's entries here, and vote for your favorite here.  Details for the next contest, Sig Awards #10, will be posted early next week here in this forum.

XP Tweak Guide

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, September 13 2003

SOTO Phantm has put together an XP tweaking guide to help ensure your OS is in good shape, and that Ghost Recon gets a chance to run at its best. The report covers topics such as startup files, advanced settings, virtual memory, services and the registry. You'll find the report added to our Recon section, and can view it by clicking here.


Posted by Rocky on Saturday, September 13 2003

The Cog Network have released their Accountable anti-cheat software for use in their ladder games. Here's the run down...

"The Accountable software is designed toward upholding the same fair and professional standards that the COG community has come to know and respect. This software will allow teams to enjoy Ghost Recon in an environment free of third party intervention, and to get back to the thrill of competition enjoyed before the release of program hacks."

Support is also being organised for BF1942, America's Army, Medal of Honor, Madden 2004, Links 2003, and Jedi Academy, and Raven Shield is already supported.

NT v2.0

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, September 13 2003

Here's the latest version of NT from the NT Team in Spain, grab it here (needs DS and IT).

Titled "Fire Storm Assault", this mod contains 46 new missions and 9 new game types. Most of the missions seem to be Firefights, so don't expect to see mission breifings prior to launch in this one.

Visit the Spanish modding team here, where you can read more about this mod.

Igor Competition

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 9 2003

Tactical Gamer are hosting a mission scripting competition with an October closing date. Read full details of the rules and more importantly the prizes (!) right here.

Ubi Logo

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 9 2003

Ubi Soft have a new logo thanks to a french design agency.

This coincides with todays announcement that Ubi Soft sold its 100 millionth game this month! You can read all about the motive for change and more corporate jibber jabber here.

M2 Bradley

Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 8 2003

Thanks to some research by Sartillies we have opened a new Armoury Section - Armoured Vehicles. The M2 Bradley appears in Ghost Recon Mission 14: Willow Bow, read Sartillies M2 Bradley report for a full breakdown on this amphibious people carrier.

NT Project

Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 8 2003

Here's a brand new 15 mission campaign, for less than 5Mb, from Paul186. Here's a run down on the contents.

-15 MP  maps and missions (embassy night,etc..)
-1 Special MP mission (special rules below)
-3 new 6 mm balline ball weapons
-1 restriction kit "Only BB weapons"
-30 new weapons
- More kits for MP & SP
- 20 Maps (island night/ rain) (hunting lodge night/ rain)
- 1 new vehicle (nt-t62)
- 2 new game types (nt-siege and 10 sec. siege)

This campaign requires Desert Siege and Island Thunder, download here.

pH 4.0

Posted by Rocky on Monday, September 8 2003

pH has released a new version of his server sided mod. Version 4 contains the popular Assassination gametype, a Siege gametype with all team defending and attacking, a firefight gametype with more enemies, 20 server sided maps for every gametype and 10 maps specially made for Siege + a nadespam fix.

Download here, feedback and discussion here and visit pH here.

3D update

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 5 2003

The 3D glasses report I published last weekend has been massively popular, thanks for all the positive feedback!

"special thanks to Rocky for the review of the E-D glasses, without which I'd never have bought the BEST upgrade for my pc EVER!!!" Alcazar

"One word, �WOW� Thanks for the recommendation" El Oso

Over the coming weeks I'll be putting together a few more 3D reports that will include a tweak guide, a quick setup guide, and a second review - this time from an ATI owner. In the meantime read the review here if you missed it.

Mine v1.2

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, September 4 2003

Here's a single mission that kept me going for longer than expected - Mine Map from Silent. By the time I made it to extraction, there were over 40 bodies across the rain swept battlefield, numerous wrecked tanks, a blown up truck and destroyed buildings! That's alot of action packed into 1.4Mb, grab it here (needs Island Thunder).

GR in a Window

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, September 3 2003

CR6 has posted a neat tip at GR-Retreat that allows you to play Ghost Recon in a window. Check the news article at GR-Retreat, and their discussion in their forums here.

No Easy Day

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 2 2003

Those perfectionists at Cocobolo Mods are at it again. Check out their news page and latest forum post regarding their upcoming release called No Easy Day. There's more newws and images for this mod in our forums here.