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July 2010

Ghost Recon Alpha Trailer in HD

Posted by Rocky on Friday, July 30 2010

The hi-resolution version of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Alpha Trailer released at Comic-Con 2010 is now available.

Ghost Recon Alpha Download

Grab it from our Future Soldier Downloads.

Games On Net at E3

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, July 29 2010

There's nothing quite like a new game to bring out gaming news sites you've never heard of before. This time it's the turn of Games On Net (which actually looks like a pretty good news source for gamers), with their E3 Ghost Recon Future Soldier Interview.

Games On Net Future Soldier

The four minute interview with Stuart White covers camo balancing, weapons, drones, and more! Comments in our forums here

DMCA Exempt Gaming DRM

Posted by Rocky on Monday, July 26 2010

In their three yearly review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Library of Congress announced today some exemptions from the Act. Gamers will be interested particularly by exemption number 4.
Video games accessible on personal computers and protected by technological protection measures that control access to lawfully obtained works, when circumvention is accomplished solely for the purpose of good faith testing for, investigating, or correcting security flaws or vulnerabilities...

What does that mean? Apparantly the two targets here are in fact SecuROM and SafeDisc and their potential for compromising security of gamers computers.

Read more detail on Ars Technica, where there's bigger news on the implications for Apple thanks to exemption number 2.

In related news, a recent court case ruled that DMCA anti-circumvention protection does not apply where a link between 'access' and 'protection' of the copyrighted work cannot be proven. More on that at Courthouse News.

Ghost Recon Alpha Announced

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, July 25 2010

The live action Ghost Recon Future Soldier short movie was officially announced this weekend at Comic-Con 2010. Ubi Kimi was there with a couple of bodyguards to promo the movie to all Comic-Con fans.

Ubi Kimi at Comic-Con

Titled Ghost Recon Alpha, the movie is to be released next year and as previously mentioned is being directed by Francois Alaux. 

Ghost Recon Alpha Movie

While only one minute of unfinished footage was shown at Comic-Con, the final version is expected to be around 20 minutes in length.

More details soon....

Ubisoft Q1 Sales Published

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, July 22 2010

Ubisoft have recorded €161 million in sales for Q1 2010/11.

Their sales report (which you can download here), details this 94% increase over last years figures, and looks forward to two big releases next quarter with RUSE and HAWX2.

Exoskeleton Nears Testing Phase

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, July 21 2010

Back in January this year we speculated that part of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier's kit might include an exoskeleton. Since then Ubisoft have confirmed that the soldiers will indeed have this load bearing tech at their disposal in Future Soldier.

Future Soldier Exoskeleton

This week Lockheed Martin announced that their real world exoskeleton (HULC) is nearing the live testing phase. The 8 week testing will put a new more rugged version of their HULC technology through extensive field exercises in preparation for full production.

Predator for PSP

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, July 20 2010

Although there has been no official confirmation, word on the street has it that Ghost Recon Predator is the next PSP version of Ghost Recon.

PSP Ghost Recon Predator

Ghost Recon Predator was first spotted last year as a mystery trademark registered in Australia. Accoridng to this ESRB entry though, the Predator title is specifically for the PSP. Discuss in our handheld Ghost Recon forum.

Developer Interaction

Posted by Rocky on Monday, July 12 2010

The kind of developer interaction Ghost Recon fans have been wishing for since, forever, is finally here. A dev team that clearly pours over fan feeback in the forums, a dev team that includes suggestions, resolves issues and where ideas cannot be incorporated, explains clearly why.


The only problem for Ghost Recon fans is, we're describing a different Ubisoft game, the upcoming Real Time Strategy game RUSE. The two gentlemen shown above are Alexis Dressay and Mathieu Girard. If you click that image, it'll take you to a twenty minute YouTube video split into several chapters. In each chapter there is repeated reference to fan forums and community requests showing the dev teams commitment to making the game something that the fans have played a part in shaping.

After the first beta, the game was delayed while fan feedback was fully digested by the dev team. Now they've come back with a new version of RUSE packed with fan suggested features, and to top it off, there's a chance to play the new pre-release multiplayer version free this weekend over Steam.

Visit the official RUSE website, and post feedback in our RTS forums.

Future Soldier Film Short World Premier

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, July 10 2010

On the 24th of July at 11am the Future Soldier film short will be premiered at Comic Con 2010 by Ubisoft's Adrian Lacey. If you are going to the San Diego Convention Centre make sure you head for Room 25ABC for 11am, that's where it's happening on a first come first seated basis!

Gamespot Interview Stuart White

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, July 7 2010

Gamespot manage to throw out some of the questions on everyone's mind regarding Ghost Recon Future Soldier in this interview with Producer Stuart White.

Stuart White

So for more on optical camo counter measures and the Future Soldier game engine, watch this video at Gamepot! Forum discussion already underway here.