Ghost Recon Future Soldier


April 2003

New Game Type

Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 28 2003

Here's a fun 14Kb, a new Ghost Recon multiplayer game type from Clan DGSE, for some new firefight fun. Drop the file into your Origmiss/missions folder to install. Grab the file here.

Hacker Hunt

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 27 2003

For sometime now Ruin has been working on a full blown new Ghost Recon mod - Hacker Hunt. The mod is based around the spate of hacker attacks on Ghost Recon websites a few months ago, and sends the Ghosts out to reap revenge!

You can read more in our forums here, and also at The Aggressors where there are some neat images and lots of information on the content of this upcoming mod, including the tanks, the weapons, the boonie hats, and the missions.

Stealth Score

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 26 2003

Hold onto your boonies Alpha Squad have launched a new competition! After the massive success of their last tournament, this new Stealth Score Leaderboard (SSL) is bound to be very well received so listen up and check out the details, you do not want to miss out on this...

If you were one of the hundreds of fans to download the Assassinate mission we posted recently you'll know the basic idea already; undertake a new mission, and be automatically scored by the mission at the end, based on your performance. With these missions being coded by Alpha Squad Chavez, you can be sure of two things - this is not going to be a walk in the park, but it is going to be a whole lot of fun.

For full details Alpha Squad already have a SSL website here which explains it all clearly. Basically the missions will be held on the Alpha Squad server and the objectives published on their website. When you have a team assembled and ready to go, simply locate an Alpha Squad Official to supervise and record the mission score, set the time, and that's it. Play the mission at the pre-arranged time, and your score will be added to the leaderboard.

Although many big hitters in the Ghost Recon community will be taking part, I cannot emphasize enough that even inexperienced coop players should give this a try. You will not find a better run, friendlier competiton than one run by Alpha Squad, so if you have any questions at all, hit our forums for help.

The first mission, Farm Infiltration, will be posted in a few days, so do not delay, mail Iceman, or sign up in their forums today! You can find more SSL discussion in our forums here.

Ghost Recon 2

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 26 2003

Jester has just published an investigation undertaken by zjj into the current facts behind Ghost Recon 2. Speculation and wish lists for Ghost Recon 2 can be found in our forums, including this 100+ post wish list (<--- look here GR 2 Dev Team!!)

The report looks at the Official stance, the domain name situation and what has appeared in the media so far. Read zjj's Ghost Recon 2 report here.


Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 25 2003

In our second mod review of the day, SOTO Mac reports on an excellent new map from a new GR modder - K1ller. MYTOAN Sniper modification is a single map with a mission included, and what a great map it is - as SOTO Mac correctlly states, "It's completely drenched in a Mood of Impending Doom".

It's an extremely atmospheric map, based on a town that has been the subject of some heavy bombing by the look if it - read more and check out neat images here, and read SOTO Mac's review here.

Desert Boonie v2.0

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 25 2003

For the past month now Mike has been working on his new Desert Boonie modification for Desert Siege, much to the delight of this group of Ghost Recon fans.

You can check some images as the mod developed here. As well as Camo'ed weap's, the mod contains quality 3-color desert (current US issue), 6-color desert (Gulf War), Night desert , desert MARPAT and Brit desert camo. All the Ghosts in the Desert Siege campaign now have boonie hats and different equipment camos. There are also new specialists, and weapons.

Download this highly recommended camouflage mod here.

WOI Review

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 25 2003

Thanks to Rebar we now have a review of the amazing WWII modification, War of Infamy 2.1 (WOI). This addition to our reviews is long overdue as this is an extremely professional and detailed modification, so thanks to Rebar for his work on this.

WOI has been seen excellent support by the WOI development team since its release with it's own sub-community going on in their forums. You can read Rebar's review here, and visit the official site here.

Viper Skins

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 24 2003

Here's a collection of brand new camo from Viper, that replaces the camo for every character, including the specialists - Download the file here, and give your Ghosts some new camo to hide in.

Desert Marpat

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, April 23 2003

We have recieved Sixpence's latest Marapt mod - this time for the Desert. The first mod in the USMC series has been very well recieved, as witnessed by this 17 page discussion in our forums, and over 4,200 downloads so far. For a selection of images from this series of mods, check this discussion forum.

Download the file here.

New Vehicle

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, April 23 2003

Check out the latest vehicle to make it into Ghost Recon, the M1068A3 courtesy of Maj.Ken!


Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 22 2003

X69RZX mailed in a single mission file for us to try out, but we liked it so much we did a review on it!

This assassination mission is a little different from most missions you will play, because at the end of the mission it will score your stealth performance. This is a neat addition as it means you can try and better your own score next time, or compare scores with other players. You can find our full review here, where I also list my scores if you think you can beat them! Download the file here and extract with winrar.

CHR Modding

Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 21 2003

Ruin has added another new modding tutorial to our Recon section. This time Ruin concentrates on  how to attach a model, attach bones to the model, fix lost verticies and export a CHR file. Read the tutorial right here

No Online Mods?

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 20 2003

A new patch to be issued by the developers of Battlefield 1942 might strike fear into the heart of Ghost Recon fans as it may have implications for Ghost Recon 2. In an attempt to rid the B1942 communtiy of cheats - the developers have coded a patch that will not allow any client side mods to run during online games.

"With the release of patch 1.4, we are disabling all client-side mods. Unfortunately, this means that the client side mods that aren't used for cheating will also be affected" DICE and EA

Discuss this move in our forums here.

12 Weeks v4.0

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 20 2003

SOTO Mac has posted his review for the popular 12 Weeks Campaign by Right Hand.

"These Missions were an absolute ball to play and I hope that RightHand has more Missions in store for Us in the Future. The Continuity of the Campaign was a real Plus for Us as We like a Plot that Our Team can at least follow to a Logical Conclusion"

Read the full review here.

Splinter Cell 2

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 19 2003

I know more than a few Ghost Recon fans like to relax with some stealthy  Splinter Cell action. Well, hang tight because we can confirm the sequel is being worked on, and it will be called Splinter Cell : Shadow Strike. There are no other details at this point, but we will keep digging for more information, and post it at


Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 18 2003

K1ller has posted his first map creation for Ghost Recon in our forums, and what a great looking map it is. Here are some of the fantastically atmospheric screenshots we liked, lots more on this page. K1ller is also making the source files for this map available for download. For more details on this map please check this forum discussion. Download here.

Modding Weapons

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 18 2003

Black Sabbath has produced an excellent guide to modelling your own weapons for Ghost Recon. It has plenty of images to guide you through the process of producing a low poly count model, and you'll find it here in our Recon section with 18 other Ghost Recon modding guides.


Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 15 2003

The battlefield series of Island Thunder mods by Akira at Atwar continues this week with the release of his third brand new map - Bastogne: Battle for Foy. Fans of Band of Brothers will recognise the title, as it is indeed one of the battles recreated in the Steven Spielberg series.

This impressive brand new map comes complete with two missions, from NGRU_Crazy and Hot_Aussie_Dude. Download it here.


Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 12 2003

There are a few fantastic Ghost Recon mods nearly ready for release, amongst them Brothers In Arms from Jack57 and FrostBite from El Oso and Neutron. Another top quality mod that has been in production for sometime now is Canadian Operatives 2 from BajaBravo, featuring weapons from Earl.


BajaBravo is known for releasing quality Ghost Recon mods, and when he says "it's my intention to make this mod as technically perfect as I can", then you know something special is on the way. Keep checking this forum discussion for updates, or click either of the above images to visit the modders respective websites.

Frostbite Update

Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 7 2003

For all you fans who keep mailing us asking for updates on Frostbite, a massive new Ghost Recon mod headed up by El Oso, here's a brief update.

The new maps from Neutron are complete bar a few modifications which takes a little time. El Oso is also working on the last 2 missions of the 8 mission campaign. After some playtesting and bug squashing, the full 100Mb+ package might be available early next month. Suffice to say Frostbite is being worked on, and is shaping up to be the Ghost Recon mod release of the year!


Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 7 2003 have some cool prizes in the works for their Ghost Recon ladder.

"The top 3 teams get access to an Xdrive server for 48hours a month FREE! That is only one set of prizes. We are currently talking to ATI and Nvidia about new video cards!"

Visit Squadgames Ghost Recon Ladder here.

New Siege

Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 7 2003

T@DO have sent in a new game type for your Desert Siege multiplayer enjoyment. Download the file here, and make sure and check the Readme file for installation instructions. For detailed information on how this server sided mod was put together visit this forum.

Marines and Games

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 6 2003

Check out this article for an interesting read on the use of computer games in military training.

"As the military embraces electronic games as a training tool, a growing number of soldiers are fighting in a virtual Iraq war even as they remain stateside. For many soldiers, the increasingly realistic simulations often seem like the closest thing to being in combat."

USMC 31st Desert

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 5 2003

Last week we uploaded Sixpence's USMC 31st MEU mod, as of today, it has already racked up over 2500 downloads! That doesn't mean Sixpence is sitting back enjoying the feedback, he has actually produced another uniform pack for it! Desert Marpat 1.0 (requires Desert Siege) is the third part in his Marpat series, and you can download it here, and feedback continues here in our forums.

If you are one of the many enjoying this mod you might like to read some more on Marpat camo, in that case, check this out.


Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 4 2003

=SeALZ= have produced a remarkable Training Manual that will be of interest to all Ghost Recon fans keen on improving their skills. It covers a huge range of topics. The only thing I have seen of similar detail was from those serious gamers over at, indeed there was TacticalGamer involvement in the production of this new =SeALZ= Manual.

Fans of SOTO Macs Sniper Report will recognise another section of the Manual. Congratulations to Skinz, Crowman and Nomad of  =SeALZ= Europe on their achievement with this in-depth document.

Download the PDF manual here.

USMC Patch

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 3 2003

Sixpence has issued us with a tiny patch that fixes a few bugs, and addresses feedback in our forums for his well recieved USMC modification. Download the patch here.

BoB Review

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, April 2 2003

Thanks to Pave Low for pointing out that this months PC Format (Europe) magazine has reviewed Jack57's Ghost Recon mod Band of Brothers. Their review has been appended to our own review here. They scored it 88% complimenting it with "superb mission scripting". Congrats to Jack57! If you have not already downloaded Band of Brothers, you can grab it here.