Ghost Recon Future Soldier


February 2004

FNG Maps

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 29 2004

This serverside map pack from FNG contains a whole lot more than some retxtured maps.

"Map pack includes 12 custom missions/SP Campaign, 95 serverside map environments including day, night ,snow, rain, clear, and sandstorm maps with new bases, spawns, recon/firefight insert/extract, defend bases, enemy placements and more"

Requires GR, IT and DS, download 1.3Mb file here and visit FNG here.

Freaky Friday

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, February 26 2004

Every Friday night Red Sector Inc. hosts what they like to call "Freaky Friday". The objective of the night is endless fun. This upcoming Friday, the fun factor should be through the roof with the debut of the "RSi Freak Friday Mod". Coming in at only 1.2MB's, the fun stuff contained in this small package is worth the download. What could make this so much fun?

Have you ever been shot at with an MMI that launches squirrels? Consultant NYR can attest to how fun squirrel MMI wars are when he had a private screening a few days ago. The amount of laughter and explosive squirrels flying is a great "stress reliever" as NYR put it. So what are you waiting for you can download the mod and you can find the rules and IP's to RSi's server.  More reading in our forums here.

Texturing Help

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, February 26 2004

Snowfella sent in a new modding tutorial to help with texturing models.

"Well, here goes on a short tute on how to texture individual faces and polygons without detaching them first.... I'm going to use an earlier version of my CV9040C model as its one of the few models I have laying around right now without any textures applied."

Read the tutorial here.

Jungle Gold

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, February 26 2004

Ghost Recon : Jungle Storm for the PS2 went Gold today.

"Get ready to lead online the Ghost on your PlayStation�2! Tom Clancy�s Ghost Recon�: Jungle Storm� provides you with the most complete multiplayer experience through on-line or split-screen, up to 11 modes, including adversarial or coop modes."

Read the full Press Release in the forums here.

Ghost Recon Replays

Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 23 2004

We've added an excellent report by [S]IronMan from that takes a detailed look at Ghost Recon replays. The report explains how to solve problems with replays that refuse to run, and identifies the controls used to watch and control replays. Read it here.

Blue Storm WT

Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 23 2004

Thanks to McNamee we are now very close to having a walkthrough for every single Ghost Recon mission. His Blue Storm walkthrough can be found here and the others can be found here.

OS Patch

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 22 2004

Here's the second patch this weekend, this time for the amazing Operation Stabilise. Install this patch to fix the following issues.

1. Fixes the bug that had some systems crash when they chose the NZ SAS specialist J. Logue.
2. Fixes the MP kit bug where no matter which kit you selected, you always had the same one.
3 Changes an abbreviation error in the Thai specialist's name.
4. Adds a Ghurka Kukri knife to the OS_Knife_only.kil restriction file


Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 21 2004

Download this tiny patch for the spectacular Canadian Operatives 2 to solve a few kit issues and mission bugs.

Diablo v1.5

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, February 19 2004

Operation Diablo from Militia Man was a popular 5 mission campaign released earlier this year, now version 1.5 is available - grab it here. Requires DS and IT.

TG for $1

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 17 2004

Tactical Gamer have a $1 special offer on membership until the end of this month, membership benefits include...
  • Full Forums Access
  • Access to Tactical Gamer PUBLIC Gaming Servers
  • Access to Tactical Gamer PRIVATE Gaming Servers
  • Team / Clan Support (Private Forum for your Team/Clan)
  • Access to Tactical Gamer Downloads
  • Access to the Tactical Gamer Community TeamSpeak Server

Visit Tactical Gamer for more information.

ASE Filters

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 17 2004

Dannik has produced a neat tutorial on producing filters for the All Seeing Eye. Read it here and get the most out of this great game server browser!

Azz Cup Complete

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 17 2004

The [BAD] Azz Cup tournament has come to an end, and the winning team is the mighty Alpha Squad! If NYR has his sums right the top five teams out of the 20 entrants were as follows

Congratulations to all the ranking teams, and also those teams who didn't manage to place high, but still remained loyal to the tournament and turned up for every game, that in itself is worth a mention. The full leaderboard can be viewed here although it is not in points order at the time of this news post.

A huge thanks to all the [BAD] guys for the enormous amount of work they put into the competition - it's been a huge success!


Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 16 2004

Don Miguel has come through with a remarkable tool for Ghost Recon that allows your standard 8 man Ghost Recon team to be extended to 18!


Here's how Don Miguel describes it..

"This tool will allow you the player to configure your platoon to have up to 3 squads (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie). And will allow each of these 3 squads to have up to 6 men each. In the end, you can have up to 18 playable platoon members for your missions instead of Ghost Recon's default of 6."

Pretty neat huh? There are a couple of quirks worth a mention. After you launch the mission using the custom launcher supplied with the mod, you should press escape to access your Ghost Recon options menu, then return to the game - this will activate your own usual game settings. Secondly, to access each member of the platoon use the keyboard shortcut - not the pop-up command map, otherwise the mission will crash.

So, now you can replay any of the default Ghost Recon missions with huge backup coming in mob handed to make up for sometimes questionable friendly artificial inteligence! It's great fun, give it a blast. Download here, and leave feedback for Don Miguel here.

WWIII Review

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 14 2004

We've posted a review for Mr Pibbs' WWIII campaign for Ghost Recon. We found this one a tricky one to score and it took myself and Iceman to review it, but in the end the awesome movie sequences, clever scripting and immense challenge won us over - read the full review here.


Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 14 2004

Alpha Squad's Hypernia/Ubi Soft sponsored Stealth Recon 2004 competition starts on Monday! Good luck to all the teams who were lucky enough to get in on this $7000+ competition!

Also good luck to all the teams in the Azz Cup which draws to a close in a few days, when the winners will be announced here. The Ghost Recon community oes a huge debt of gratitude to [BAD] and Alpha Squad for these fantastic coop tournaments!

Canadian Ops 2.0 [updated]

Posted by Rocky on Friday, February 13 2004

The original Canadian Operatives from BajaBravo was released what seems a life time ago, when Ghost Recon was still fresh on the shelves. Now, two years later, BajaBravo is releasing what could be his last major Ghost Recon project - Canadian Operatives 2, download here.

There are far too many features to list here, but here's some highlights - full list is at BajaBravo's site.

  • Canadian Operatives galore!
  • 40+ new weapons from 5 of the communities best weapon modders
  • 9 brand new missions from Adhoc
  • 5 "adopted" missions
  • 4 top quality custom utilities

Please visit the official site for all the details!

[update] Thanks to Dr.Jeckyl for arranging a mirror for CO2 - grab it here. Also thanks to BajaBravo for making the release of CO2 a exclusive!


Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, February 11 2004

Para has posted an update on progress with the massive Ghost Recon project they are calling DYNACOMP. This will be like no other Ghost Recon modification you have ever seen...

"The center piece of DYNACOMP is our non-linear campaign. That's right, a non-linear campaign. The choices you make in each mission directly affect the order of the missions for you."

"We've also completely overhauled the operative/kit selection process. Without revealing any proprietary details just yet, let me tell you that you will no longer have to wade through hundreds of kits to find what you want."

Read more here.


Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, February 11 2004

Mr Pibbs has released a small patch for his fantastic WWIII campaign. There are both PC and Mac versions in this file. The fixes included an updated mission file, escape option for mission 1 movie scenes, and a random glitch addressed. 

Stabilise Now!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 10 2004

After announcing the imminant release of Operation Stabilise from Aus Viper yesterday he was flooded with e-mails of the "please release it now!!!" type. So please stop e-mailing Aus Viper, as he has agreed to release his massive Ghost Recon Project right now, you can download it here.

So what do you get for your 170Mb download? First of all this is an extremely immersive campaign based initially on the East Timor conflict of 1999 / 2000. There is some interesting background reading included in the installation, which I suggest you read as it sets the scene brilliantly.

There are far too many features in this mod to list here, so here are just a few of the highlights.

  • 12 New Specialists
  • A fully useable bayonet with the SA80A1
  • 13 Mission Campaign (watch out for the surprises!)
  • Over 20 new weapons (Streinger)
  • Realism tweaks
  • Awesome intro and outro movies and mission animations (Jack57)
  • Extensively beta tested (Giwex)

Finally, there were quite a few modders in on this project, please check the extensive readme webpages included in the installation for the full credit list.

Forum discussion and mod buildup in the forums here.


Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 10 2004

It's been a heck of a few weeks for fantastic mods, and it is about to get even better, for two reasons. BajaBravo is on the verge of releasing Canadian Operatives 2. You can find the online manual here, and discussion here.

Secondly, Operation Stabilise is being tested by Supporters right now, and Aus Viper hopes to release it very soon assuming there are no last minute problems! Read more on this massive campaign here.


Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 9 2004

Don Miguel has released a new modding tool that will be of interest to weapon modders. The tool is was produced in collaboration with Parabellum and can be downloaded from Tango Down, where you will also find another tool from Don Miguel for mission modders that allows modders to create invisible targets for tanks, so that they'll appear to shoot at the player.

7.62 Review

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 8 2004

JTF Iceman has completed a hat-trick of mod reviews today with a look at the 7.62mm weapons mod by Thumper. You can read his opinions here.

The next review on the cards is for the awesome WWIII mod by Mr Pibbs!

M16 Review

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 7 2004

[JTF-3]Iceman has been quick off the mark and put together a review for Chems' M16 Armoury - read it here.

Gatekeeper Review

Posted by Rocky on Friday, February 6 2004

On the 27th of January we took a quick look at a promising new mod called Moscow's Gatekeeper, from the Icebreaker Ghost Recon mod. Today we take a closer look thanks to a nice review from [JTF-3]Iceman.

"This mod was created by a true artist with a passion for modding and for love of the game. If you aren't already downloading it then get over there right now and start away."

Read the full review here. We have 2 more mod reviews in the works, so check back soon!

M16 Armoury

Posted by Rocky on Friday, February 6 2004

More than one late night working on models until 2am has at last paid off for Chems as he completes his M16 Armoury today.


As you can see the M16's look terrific, for more images and information take a look at this forum thread, and leave Chems some feedback too! Download the mod here.

Jungle Storm

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, February 4 2004

We haven't said much about Ghost Recon Jungle Storm, mainly because it is a Playstation 2 title that will not appear on the PC. That apart, it does have some interesting features, and thanks to some excellent research from CR6 at GR-Retreat, you can find all the info you need on one page, right here!

Dream Knife

Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 2 2004

Schenkanator's walkthrough for Ghost Recon mission 11 - Dream Knife is now online. You can find it right here beside the rest of our walkthroughs, or click here to go right to it!

GR Real Locations

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 1 2004

Schenkanator has put together what must be one of my personal favourite reports from our entire Recon section. In it Schenkanator has examined 3 of the Ghost Recon maps and identified their real world locations - the results are quite amazing.


The Castle, Vilius and Red Square are all based on real locations and thanks to Schenkanator's painstaking research we can now fully appreciate the work that the Red Storm team did in designing these maps. A series of nineteen photographs compared to ingame screen captures shows the stunning resemblance beautifully - check it out here


WWIII Updates

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 1 2004

Mr Pibbs has been working away reducing the file size on his superb new Ghost Recon campaign WW III. He has also produced two versions for Mac owners, so the full download list looks like this.

PC Full version with new music [102Mb]
PC no music version [25Mb]
Mac Full version with new music [100Mb]
Mac no music version [23Mb]

If you have not already downloaded this campaign, there's never been a better time, so don't miss out, grab it now!