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October 2011

Ghost Recon - Ubisoft Core

Posted by Rocky on Monday, October 31 2011

Speaking to Gamasutra, Chris Early of Ubisoft reveals why Ghost Recon forms the core of Ubisoft's digital strategy.

Our focus with Ghost Recon Online has been basically to create a triple-A game from the ground up and create it to be a triple-A game." In terms of development investment, he said, "it's a triple-A game... It's just not at a $60 price point at a retail store

Read more at Gamasutra.

This Halloween Believe in Ghosts!

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, October 30 2011

Believe in Ghosts this Halloween with our free prize draw featuring TWO Ghost Recon Future Soldier T-Shirts, up for grabs in our free prize draw.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier T-Shirts

Just add your name to this forum thread to be included in the random draw on Sunday 6th November 2011!

Custom Buildings for GRAW 2

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, October 29 2011

JohnTC02 has just expanded his GRAW 2 modding repertiore with another modding breakthrough - custom buildings. His latest mod, Operation Phoenix, features brand new buildings in addition to IED's in the form of explosive vehicles.

Check out the screenshots in this thread, and contact John by PM if you'd like to beta test this new mission.

Claiming Liberty

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, October 29 2011

Claiming Liberty is a brand new unofficial expansion pack for Ghost Recon from Riley Fletcher. What we like about this particular mod is not just that it's release is timed perfectly for the Ghost Recon 10th year anniversary, but that it is packed full of really great content.

We've had a sneak peak and the new content is superb; new vehicles, new specialists, new kits, new gametypes and 15 brand new missions. The campaign missions we've played are classic Ghost Recon tactical missions, very enjoyable.

Expect to see the public release in around 2 weeks!

Shadow Wars for iOS

Posted by Rocky on Friday, October 28 2011

How would the well recieved 3DS launch title Ghost Recon Shadow Wars have fared if it was 2D, and didn't have a split screen?

We're about to find out as Ubisoft is about to bring it to an iOS device near you, very very soon. We loved Shadow Wars on the 3DS, as you can tell from our Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Strategy Guide, and while some of its charm will no doubt be lost on a 2D device, the rock solid and engaging gameplay will be just as good.

Watch out for it in the iTunes Store soon! 

Ghost Recon Commander Details

Posted by Rocky on Friday, October 28 2011

Ubisoft are set to open the doors on Ghost Recon Commander, their social network tie in to Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Ghost Recon Online.

Discussed a few weeks ago on Inside Social Games, Ghost Recon Commander will allow Facebook'rs to interact with their Future Soldier game from within their Facebook profile.

Exact details on how this will be implemented is available at ISG here!

You Asked, Ubi Answered

Posted by Rocky on Friday, October 28 2011

Ubisoft have answered a stack of Ghost Recon Future Soldier Questions in this Q/A Session Number 1.

Gunsmith, Kinext, co-op, multiplayer modes, are all addressed, check it out.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Reality Check

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, October 23 2011

Popular Mechanics have just published a five page spread on  weapon realism in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Aside from a glaring error, there's a lot of info from several game devs and people in the know, so check it out now. Feedback in our Ghost Recon Future Soldier forum.

Ghost Recon Online Beta Keys This Weekend

Posted by Rocky on Friday, October 7 2011

This weekend we'll be giving away 50 Ghost Recon Online Beta keys for participation in a testing session next week. There will be some eligibility requirements and restrictions, details of which will be posted in our Ghost Recon Online forums.

Ghost Recon Online SitRep

Posted by Rocky on Friday, October 7 2011

Ubisoft have released a Ghost Recon Online SitRep video with some tantalising new details about Ghost Recon Online, check it out now

Eurogamer GR:FS Hands On Report

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, October 4 2011

Shane at Thunderbolt managed to get some hands on time with Ghost Recon Future Soldier at Eurogamer 2011 recently.

The multiplayer mode I experienced was a solid build, and with some fine-tuning and participants playing together the way the developers intended, it could become tactical enough to stand above the pack.

Read his full Ghost Recon Future Soldier article now.

Future Soldier Release Date Confirmed

Posted by Rocky on Monday, October 3 2011

Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

March 6th 2012

No more delays.