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October 2009

Predator to Debut on YouTube?

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, October 29 2009

If Ubisoft's latest marketing strategy is a sign of things to come there's a good chance Ghost Recon fans will see Predator revealed through a series of Youtube videos.

A brand new video series promoting Assassin's Creed 2 launched on regional YouTube homepages around the globe this week sparking great interest from gamers with over half a million views in less than 48 hours. The mini film series has been developed by Ubisoft's recent acquisition Hybride who previously worked on 300 and Sin City among other succesful titles.

A high quality promotion of this calibre would be amazing for Ghost Recon Predator, and with the lack of information thus far, would be a real boost in the build up to release early next year.

No Ghost Recon Predator News

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, October 22 2009

CV&G tried to elicit some Ghost Recon Predator information during it's interview with Ubisoft Montreal Boss Yannis Mallat, but he wasn't biting...

"CV&G: Ghost Recon: Predator was quietly announced in a financial release this year before slipping into 2010. What's going on there?

Mallat: For that you'll have to ask either the folks in Paris or at the studio who work on Ghost Recon. Montreal is working on a lot of brands but not this one"

Keep your eyes peeled though, official news is just around the corner...

Ghost Recon Predator

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, October 20 2009

Thanks to a CG multi format classification that just appeared on the Australian Govenrment website of all places, it looks like we now have the full title for the next Ghost Recon title - Ghost Recon Predator.

Ubisoft are probably cracking their collective foreheads off the office wall missing the opportunity of an exciting official announcement for one of there most important franchises, so stand by for the official confirmation any day now.

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100 GRAW 2 Missions!

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, October 11 2009

This weekend saw a milestone in GRAW 2 modding with the 100th GRAW 2 mission being released!

GRAW 2 Missions

In reality there are many more than 100 actual missions as many of those downloads are actually packs containing many missions. For example the Bogiegraphic missions contain Lone Wolf and co-op missions, and some modders include different environment versions too.

The download count for all these missions now exceeds quarter of a million, so congratulations to all the GRAW 2 modders!

For the latest developments in GRAW 2 mission mods visit this discussion about removal of blue diamonds, massive AI missions, weapon kits and the addition of GRAW 1 assets to GRAW 2 missions. View all GRAW 2 Downloads here.

Ghost Recon 4 Release Date

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, October 8 2009 have updated their entry for Ghost Recon 4 release date. Originally it was listed as a 4th of September 2009 launch, now they list it as a 5th of March 2010 release.

Ghost Recon Release Date

Note that Ubisoft have yet to add Ghost Recon 4 to their official release calender although recent news has confirmed an early 2010 launch. There are listings for PC, X360 and PS3 at

SP Tournament Starts Today!

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, October 3 2009

Final call for entries into Lightspeed's Ghost Recon Single Player Mission Tournament 2009 here. This year entries are invited from solo players who will play with AI team mates and be scored on their abilities as a leader. The scoring is outlined here.

The tournament forum is open so feel free to ask any questions, but remember to SIGN UP because Lightspeed's missions are always worth playing and it all starts this weekend!!

Bastion de Pollux

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, October 1 2009

The latest GRAW2 mission from Bogiegraphics presents a landmark in GRAW 2 modding, a full conversion of a GRAW 1 map!

Howvever there's even more to Bastion de Pollux that a straight conversion of a great GRAW 1 map. In addition to including new to GRAW 2 items such as the Stryker and the CH47 Chinook, there is a total of twelve new missions included in the download!

You can read more about this awesome GRAW 2 mod in our forums here, skip straight to the download here, or watch a couple of short HD movies here and here!