Ghost Recon Future Soldier


January 2010

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Tech

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, January 28 2010

Word on the street is that the next Ghost Recon is going to feature some interesting new military tech.

On the weapons front we are expecting to see the XM-25's first official appearance in a PC Ghost Recon game. I say "official" because if you know where to look, this weapon has already been modded into the original Ghost Recon. The XM-25 is known as a Counter Defilade Target Engagement System. Defilade is of french origin meaning behind cover, and that's exactly what the XM-25 is designed to do, eliminate targerts concealed behind cover. You can see the XM-25 in CNN's video report now, and probably in Ghost Recon Future Soldier later this year.

On the gadget front, how about an exoskeleton for Ghost Recon 4? Man portable exoskeleton's are starting to reach the stage of deployment readiness, and are therefore entirely convievable for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Lockheed Martin are investing heavily in their own HULC exoskeleton and we expect to see something along these lines in Ghost Recon 4. View photo's, data and a cool video at Lockheed's HULC site.

Discuss these and other possible Ghost Recon Future Soldier Technology in our GRFS forums.

Ubi Reveals New DRM System

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 26 2010

Recently Ubisoft intimated that they were working on their own DRM system to prevent copyright infringment on their games. Today the released details of the new DRM, there is none! There is a caveat though, you need to be connected to play your shiny new Ubisoft game.

Much like Relic with Company of Heroes, each time a Ubisoft game is started it will phone home using your internet connection to verify that it's legitimate. This will happen via existing Ubi or Uplay accounts.

There are pro's and cons to this method of verifying game sessions, so in our forums we have a Q/A from Ubisoft painting the positive side of the debate, and to kind of balance that out we have a slightly more cynical take from member krise madsen. Which is more accurate? You decide.

Rahnmans Weapons Mod for GRAW 2

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 16 2010

If GRAW2 is your shooter of preference, then Rahnman's Weapons Mod is the latest weapons mod that should join your collection. You can read all about this modification here.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier "biggest game".

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 16 2010 are quoting Ubisoft CEO as saying that Ghost Recon 4 will be challenging Assassin's Creed for the biggest Ubisoft game of 2010/11.

Yves isn't the only one impressed with potential shown by Ghost Recon Future Soldier's current state of developement; one source has revealed that Ghost Recon 4 is the most solid project they've ever seen, which bodes well for Ubisoft's target of making the latest Ghost Recon compete with the best AAA titles out there.

New Ghost Recon for 2010

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 13 2010

Ubisoft have confirmed there's a new Ghost Recon planned for a 2010/2011 fiscal release. In addition to confirming a post April Ghost Recon game, todays financial update from Ubisoft also stated a delay for their new tactical title R.U.S.E. Anyone intruiged by R.U.S.E should stay tuned here as we should have some official give aways at somepoint leading up to release for that title in particular. Until then, click here for a top secret HD download showcasing the remarkable motion capture that R.U.S.E will feature!

Invisible Predator?

Posted by Rocky on Monday, January 4 2010

Ghost Recon Future Soldier's codename "Predator" has lead one website to take a guess about one future warfare item that the Ghost's might be equiped with in Ghost Recon 4.

Virgin Media's games portal are guessing that the campaign will be based in the jungle and will feature a cloaking device. With a working title of "Predator" we can understand how easy it would be to come to that conclusion, however when they qualify there guesswork with a "you read it hear first", that generally means more guesswork than inside information, so we say take it with a pinch of salt! Discuss here.

Weapon Unlocks in Ghost Recon Future Soldier?

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 1 2010

Ubisoft's new game service Uplay comes with a new twist on unlocks and rewards. Points can be won by playing any Ubisoft title, and redeemed against game unlocks. For example, if you earn points on Splinter Cell Conviction, you might be able to use them to buy additional features for Assassin's Creed II.

Ubisoft uPlay

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that points gained in Ubisoft titles over the next few months might be used to claim new weapons or unlock features in Ghost Recon Future Soldier when it is released later this year.

If you already have a Ubisoft forum profile, you can log into the Uplay beta site here and get ahead of the game!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 1 2010

Happy New Year to all Ghost Recon fans, from the staff here at 2010 is going to be a big year for Ghost Recon with the fourth installment of the series on the horizon, and some big changes here at

We've a new site design in progress behind the scenes, an improved FAQ section with the very best in Ghost Recon instant support almost ready to open, a new download section with the largest archive of Ghost Recon mods anywhere, and a fresh look for the forums. It's still the same great team behind the scenes though, motivated to support Ghost Recon the best way we can!

Best wishes for 2010, long live Ghost Recon!