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January 2007

X360 GRAW 2 Demo out Now!

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 31 2007

Log on to Xbox Live Marketplace now to start downloading the 630Mb demo for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2! Note GRAW 2 Demo is restricted to Live Gold members only.

Initial forum chat about the demo has started here.

Gimmie Danger and Stryker

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 30 2007

Two new GRAW 2 X360 movies were released minutes ago, you can view them on the GRAW 2 page at Gametrailers.

The Stryker movie lasts just under 2 minutes and shows how it can be used to offer protection to the ground troops. The Gimmie Danger movie is an explosion fest, enjoy. You can read about the soundtrack to that teaser trailer at IGN.

As always, try and watch the HD version if your internet connection allows! Forum discussion is here.

GRAW2 X360 Demo Footage

Posted by Rocky on Monday, January 29 2007 have a video posted in their forums showing the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Demo running on an Xbox 360. It's a 125Mb free movie, no sign up required, go here to download, and here to comment in our forums.

GRAW2 Dev Diary - Technology

Posted by Rocky on Monday, January 29 2007

The first video developer diary for GRAW2 has been released, and contains almost 6 minutes of superb gameplay action. Much of the graphic technology used in the game to make scenes appear realistic are explained in detail, and it certainly looks impressive. Download options including hi-res versions are in this forum thread, or you can download a quick 45Mb version from Ubisoft here.

GRAW 2 PC Release date - 30th March 2007

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 26 2007

Ubisoft sent out a release today correcting an error in earlier information regarding the release date for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on the PC.

The release states that the 9th of March dated circulated over the past few weeks was an error, and the correct release date is in fact the 30th of March - which is the date we published here at on the 18th of December 2006.

Release date discussion and the actual Ubisoft release, can be found here.

Demo is Soon - Official

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 24 2007

A single player demo for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on the Xbox 360 is coming "soon". For details on why you might only have heard about this news if you use Internet Explorer, read this discussion.

Although an exact date is not given, speculation is that GRAW2 will be downloading to Xbox360's sometime over the next 7 days!

Server Maps

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 23 2007

Server admins might like to make use of a new service from Ghostaholic. They have provided a download service stocked with all the popular GRAW maps for downloading to clients. More details here.

Ghost Recon Map Viewer

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, January 21 2007

Who would have expected another Ghost Recon 1 modding tool to be released in 2007?! Well here it is, GhostView by Ronin is a Ghost Recon map viewer, and the first step in producing a new tool for modding Ghost Recon maps. Read more about this interesting project here. Even if you are not a modder, it's a cool tool that allows free camera movement around Ghost Recon maps, so give it a try.

Behind Enemy Lines Has Started!

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 20 2007

Lightspeed's GR single player tournament "Behind Enemy Lines" started this weekend! All the details are in the competition forum, and before competitors contact either Lightspeed or me for the first mission file, they might want to quickly check the following instructions.

Mission 1 Brief.
Required Mods.
Rules and Tips.

Have fun, and enjoy!

New GRAW2 Movie at Gametrailers

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, January 18 2007

Gametrailers are boasting an exclusive GRAW2 trailer, check it out here, discuss here.

GR:AW 2 PC New Specifics

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 17 2007

There's a new article online looking at Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 specifics, unfortunately it's in swedish! Fortunately for us a few forum members have been translating and discovered some interesting new features, but Peace went the whole 9 yards and translated the full article! So if you want to know about quick saves, insert anywhere missions, and more - read all about it here!

12 New GRAW 2 X360 screenshots

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 16 2007

Here are 12 brand new (and awesome) screenshots from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for the Xbox 360 at! Feedback here.

New GR:AW 2 Screenshots

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 16 2007

Brainman and Kudo spotted some brand new GRAW 2 PC  screenshots on the web today, you can view them at and comment on them here.


GRAW2 PC - First Info

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 12 2007

Ubi Razz has released some teaser info about the PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. There's promise of exclusive PC content and PC tailored gameplay, leave your comments here!

Ghost Recon Tournament

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 10 2007

Lightspeed is launching a new original Ghost Recon Single Player Tournament, and if you want in, time is running out!

The Official Tournament Forum has all the information on the mods that are required and how the tournament will be played out, the sign up thread is here. It's just a bit of fun, so don't hang about, sign up!

GRAW2 X360 Hands On!

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 10 2007

IGN spent some time playing GRAW2 on the Xbox 360 recently and have published their impressions. They've also included brand new videos, check them out here. Forum feedback with some explanations on what you might spot in the videos can be found here.

SBTO Updated

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, January 7 2007

Zero Gulf has updated his tactical missions pack for Ghost Recon with more missions and updated scripts. Download SBTO v2.0 for Ghost Recon here.

GRAW 3rd Person Mod

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, January 4 2007

It's hard to think of a more bang for buck mod than this tiny innovative GRAW mod from Tps. Weighing in at only 3Kb this mod transforms GRAW from a first person shooter to a 3rd person shooter! The idea started last May and has been getting refined ever since. Here's some feedback from fans who have tried it...

"the best mod i've found" Ruddy
It's impressive , I love it" Tilliboy
I am truly impressed, this is spectacular" Farkiller

There are two versions of this mod. The first 3rd Person GRAW mod by Tps, and the 3rd Person GRAW Upgrade by Ruddy that was released this month. Both download entries have a movie that clearly shows the effect.