Ghost Recon Camo Tutorial
By: Justin
Published : 26th January 2002
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This is a follow-up tutorial on creating a new camo for Ghost Recon characters, the original beginners Tutorial by Ruin can be found here. This tutorial can be an easy way to make camo and have it look real.


First you download the camo plug-in for Photoshop from v-d-l


Then, you convert the skin to RS format as per the beginners tutorial. Then turn it into a black and white picture by going to Image > Mode > Grayscale. Then convert it back to color by going to Image > Mode > RGB Color. It will stay black and white.

Now select the area you want to be camo into new colors. Then go to Filter > VDL Adrenaline > Camouflage and pick the colors, blur, etc... you want, press Ok.


Now copy the area you just turned to camo (do not re-select it, it should stay selected after you get out of the plug-in). Next undo the camo by press Ctrl+Z. Then make a new layer and paste the camo into the layer by press Ctrl+V. Now, see where it says "Normal" under the layer tab, change that to "Overlay". It will form to the bottom, old camo layer.


After you do that save it and make a new actor. Then play with the actor and you should see the new camo. It will look pretty good, better than what you saw in Photoshop. There are some draw backs like any extra stuff (straps, bags, etc...) will be in black and white, so you will have to get them from a old skin for example.