The Making of Ghost Recon
Prepared by : Rocky

[included with Rogue Spear : Black Thorn]
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In this final part of our summary on The Making of Ghost Recon disk, we look at the remaining items on the disk, the images and information.


There are 5 webpages on the disk that have images and a little information on a few of the weapons, including the AT4, M16-203 and the OICW.


There are 19 never seen before screenshots, and they are among the best ever seen. There are quite a few sketches from the early design stages, including some superb character sketches.


All in all this disk contains around 450Mb of data including 9 movies that provide over 23 minutes of interviews and footage! At the moment it is only available as a Bonus disk in the USA Black Thorn package.


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