The Making of Ghost Recon
Prepared by : Rocky

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The Ghost Recon Experience | 2 min 55 seconds |

This footage talks to various members of the team who relate their own favourite parts of Ghost Recon. The intuitive Interface comes in for much credit, as well as the realism and excitement of playing the missions, and the much improved flanking and grenade-throwing AI! This clip is like an adrenaline rush, making the release date seem years away rather than just days.


Gameplay | 5 min 59 seconds |

This is the biggie - 6 minutes of ingame footage. The first thing that hits you as we watch the team fighting out of a shell torn house is the sound. Incoming fire makes a solid impact, much more so than Rogue Spear ever did. The sound of falling rain almost makes you want to run and get your raincoat, the background radio chatter immersing you in the scene, unlike another well known war game which had me turning the volume down, not up!

As the two surviving team members make a break from the house there is a building roar that brings them to a hesitant stop, then off to the right a tremendous explosion rips into the ground in a totally realistic fashion woohoo!

A moment the later the team find themselves on shaky ground - literally, as they come up against tanks. Quickly checking team status our man finds he is all alone, the last man standing. He is well pinned down with enemies flanking him on the left, and a tank bearing down on him from the right as the Threat Sensor is going nuts. Our man makes a break for it using a friendly advancing tank as cover, and lives to tell the tale!

It is an awesome movie.


Technology | Clark Gibson | 1 min 05 seconds |

Comparing Ghost Recon to Rogue Spear Clark explains how the Rogue Spear engine was revamped, and how in Multiplayer this lead to a far more stable environment. In Multiplayer Clark talks briefly about the new ability in adversarial games where players can take AI back-up with them, in much the same way Rogue Spear players use AI backup in co-op games. This will bring a whole new Tactical edge to adversarial games, which sounds superb!


The Producer | Darren Chukitus | 1 min 36 seconds |

In this segment Darren explains the role he played as designer. His duties included ensuring that the game design and concept were not lost during the complexities of the project. The subject matter then moves onto the game audio, and how they achieved the level of realism for gunfire, with supporting clips from the game.


The Producer | Robbie Edwards| 1 min 15 seconds |

"Rogue Spear on Steroids" says Robbie Edwards, and that about sums it up! Watching the game being played over the shoulder of one the design team, the phrase "gimmie a shot" springs to mind. Robbie also does a nice job of explaining the common question "is it a combat simulation, or a game?". The input that the team received from the US Army is touched upon - but only very briefly as that information is on a Need to Know basis only!


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