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Fans of code Codemasters tactics Shooter may not approve, but Ghost Recon pleases me to a whole new degree, further than Operation Flashpoint . And that is for two reasons: First of all, the modern US uniforms simply work better than the somewhat conventional 80s look. Secondly, one feels oneself more as a Commander and not only as a small passenger in a car.

As is the case for Hidden & Dangerous I can at any time take a full check on the situation, and independently control any unit, or issue instructions. A direct comparison probably is unfair though, in particularly since with Operation Flashpoint, one can take control of heavy machinary.

Rainbow Six - or Rogue Spear - veterans became accustomed some special features of the predecessors, e.g. the rich weapon arsenal, or the detailed planning phase at the beginning of a mission, which they may miss. However the majority of gamers will look forward to the easier and more accessible 1st-Person-Shooter Gameplay.

Classical 3D-Shooter-Fans should be warned however, stubborn running forward here is completely useless. Only carefully planned assualts and good communication will avoid the loss of the complete crew.

While their is no weapon viewpoint, just as with the preceeding Tom Clancy title, this does not bother me at all.

However, altogether an excellent mixture from nerve-racking tension and spectacular fire fights (including the realistic one shot a Kill principle) this game should not be missed by anybody.

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