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Large maps
There are 15 missions played over maps that are 400m x 400m , which is approximately twice as large compared to Rogue Spear. Similarly as with Hidden & Dangerous or the well-known outdoor Rogue Spear missions, gameplay can regularly be taken into buildings, without the need fpr annoying loading times, combat can switch from indoor to outdoor with no problems at all.

New diagram engines
Although "completely new engine" discussions would appear to be slightly ambitious, some effects such as the foliage provide outstanding representation of forest areas. So much close attention to detail has rarely been witnessd in a game before (only perhaps with Hidden & Dangerous , Trespasser or Operation Flashpoint ).

The trees bend in the wind and now and then a realistic "crack" can be heard. Beside the trees, the bushes, grass (!), rock formations, and caves are all very well presented. The uneven, hilly area also seems very natural. The weather effects are also beautifully worked. The rain lensflare also work convincingly. In contrast the buildings bear much resemblance to Rogue Spear. Nevertheless depending upon the viewpoint and distance, the scenery and lighting conditions, can be described simply as "extremely stunning".

The quality of the interior arrangements takes much from the predecessor: While it is no landmark achievement, everything is represented i.e. cabinets, lamps, desks, chairs, toilet, wash basin etc.

A mad troop
The soldiers are covered with detailed textures, whether friend or foe. Motion Capture is even more realistic than from the predecessors, both when creeping and running, and with spectacular death throws (always however very natural movements).

Beyond that there are many other excellent moves, which are represented in the screenshots.

At the beginning and end of each mission the cut scenes round off an already impressive visual feast.

Oh, the sound. The weapon noises are sometimes used realistically, particularly the dull drums of the grenade launcher. The heavy machinegun however, makes such a penetrating noise that one is forced to have to turn the volume control down. The splendid ambient noises, bird signing, whistling wind and flowing water, however are temptation to quickly turn the volume control up again! Music would only distract from the mission and is therefor only used in the menu screens.

In the multi-player mode 6 special maps (200x200m) are available, on which up to 36 people can begin by Internet (TCP/IP) or LAN. Types of play are : Search & Rescue, Deathmatches, last one standing, Hamburg Hill, Team Survival, Survival and cooperative.

The version we played did not have Multiplayer active. However we will supply a further review later covering this. In our opinion though, nothing is likely to change our review as this game has risen above any chance of that.

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