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The position of mission objectives, team members and visible enemies are pin-pointed by the Command overlay. Unlike the Rainbow Six series, waypoints and orders for AI units are set 'on the fly' during the game. For more realism, the game is played strictly in the first person and third person views are only possible when observing in multiplayer games, or watching a replay.

Along with the Command overlay, the "Threat indicator" is an indispensable tool. This is represented by a small circle divided into segments to indicate the approximate direction and distance of enemy threats. Enemy fire will also trigger the indicator which will point to the general direction of the gun-fire. The large and cumbersome in-game menu of the R6 series has been replaced by a slick and inconspicuous graphical display with the absolute minimal amount of necessary information displayed such as weapon and ammunition. There is also an option to hide the display panel if you so desire.

Role Playing
Ghost Recon incorporates an interesting role playing element. At the end of a mission, survivors accumulate Combat Points which are distributed to four skills - Weapons (aiming accuracy), Stealth, Endurance and Leadership. When a character dies, a new soldier fills the vacant position. However, this new character will only have two thirds of the capabilities of the character it replaces. If you dont look after your command, you will find yourself in charge of a group of unskilled recruits.

Save option
There is an unlimited amount of ingame saves which is particularly handy since like all the Tom Clancy shooters, there are no Medipacks or 'magical' cures. Wounded soldiers need to skip a mission if they are to get their full health.

No Driving
Vehicles are present in the game but are entirely controlled by AI and cannot be driven like in Operation Flashpoint. For instance, there is a mission where the objective is to protect among other things, a 3 Abrahams tank convoy. Success in the mission depends on the skillful interaction of tanks and infantry: timing the cover fire provided by the tanks MGs to take down hostile patrols and snipers but especially the anti-tank units.

Despite the intense ingame action, there are many objectives which require covert strategies such as spying at the defense of the opponent, blowing up strategically important bridges in order to prevent a hostile advance, or infiltrating a hostile base in order to save American pilots shot down deep in enemy territory.

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