Island Thunder
Published : 30th July 2002
Last updated : 19th September 2002
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Ghost Recon's first Expansion pack, Desert Siege, was a huge success. Desert Siege outsold many top titles released during the same period, a remarkable feat for an expansion pack. When we scooped news of another Expansion Pack early in July it was no real surprise - gamers were hungry for more and Ubi Soft was not about to dissapoint them!

On the 21st of August Ubi Soft officially confirmed a second expansion when they announced "Island Thunder".


There are 8 single player missions, and five new multiplayer maps.

The missions are all based in Cuba, with wet humid jungles awaiting the Ghosts.


A total of 12 new weapons will be included, brief details supplied by Jester are below.

M4 SOCOM (Silenced)
This is an M4 with all the cool gadgets attached - ACOG sight, and the RIS system that permits all sorts of accessories to be attached. The real weapon for example has attachments such as laser sights, flashlights, and vertical foregrip.

Hawk MM-1 (Automatic Grenade Launcher)
This american semi-automatic weapon fires 40 mm grenades from a 12 capacity magazine. It has a range of 350m.

SR-25 (sniper rifle, regular and silenced)
SR-25 is a Stoner weapon that's a sniper version of the M-16 used by some spec-ops outfits.

Samopal vz 58
It may look like a Kalashnikov but this is an entirely different weapon. The vz 58 is a Czech-designed and produced assault rifle which became the standard service rifle of the Czech Army as well as being sold in other countries. Two versions exist--the vz 58P, with a conventional wooden stock, and the vz 58V, fitted with a folding metal stock. 30 round mag. 7.62x39mm Russian, or 7.62x45mm Czech. More ....

Degtyarev DP
The Degtyarev DP is a Russian made machine gun, that went into production in 1928. It can fire 550 7.62 x 54R Soviet rounds per minute, and has a 47-round drum feed. More....

The RP46 is a modernization of the DP, intended for use as a company level sustained-fire support gun. It is capable of delivering a high volume of fire, but it is not as portable as the DP. It has a heavier barrel and a belt-feed system. It fires a 7.62x54mmR round with a 50-round belt, or 47-round drum magazine, RoF 650rds/min.

FN M240G
The FN M240G is the USMC's version of the FN MAG. It's the replacement for the M-60 machinegun. It's fires a 7.62x51mm NATO round with a RoF 750-950 rds/min, belt-fed. This is a fully automatic weapon that can be mounted on a tripod or fitted with a bipod.

Star Z-84
The Spanish army SMGs are all manufactured by Star, although the spanish police still favour the MP5. The Z-84 replaced the Z-70B in Spanish service in the middle 1980s and is a thoroughly modern and compact design using pressed metal for lightness. The centre of balance is above the pistol grip, so that it can be easily fired one-handed if necessary. 9mm, 25 or 30 rd mag, 600 rds/min. You can check the Operations Manual here. More...

Samopal 25
This is a czech SMG designed in the late 1940's. It was a major advance in design. It had a folding stock, a magazine that fitted in the pistol grip and had alot of stamped metal parts. The UZI was HEAVILY influenced by the vz23/25 (23 being the fixed-stock version). 9mm parabellum, 24- or 40-round box magazine, 600 rds/min

Makarov 9mm (pistol)
The Makarov is a double-action semi-automatic Russian pistol in production since 1952 chambered for the 9mm Makarov cartridge. Copies were made in East Germany and China. More ....

9mm SA pistol
It's an 9mm pistol, what more do you want?

AGS-17 automated grenade launcher system (Emplace weapon)
The AGS-17 is what the russians use that's like the Mk-19 grenade launcher. It's a belt-fed, fully automatic 30mm grenade launcher. It's called the 'plamya', which is russian for 'flame'.



The soundtrack for this new mission pack will be recorded during August/September 2002 by Bill Brown. Samples of this new music will be available on his Tom Clancy page, probably around October.

Release Date

The Official release dates are :-

  • USA - 24th September 2002
  • UK - Mid October 2002