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This site is run by dedicated Ghost Recon fans, most of who have been die hard Red Storm gamers for years. We like to think that through the pages of this site, our dedication shows.

Often, via e-mail, other sites or forums, our dedication is recognised and complemented upon. Some of those compliments are quoted below, not because we're on an ego trip, but as a pat on the back, and as a record of our achievements born through many hours infront of the computer every day of the week.

None of these compliments were solicited in any way, they just arrive in the mail or by private message.

"Thank you and all of your hard work. GR is one of my fav games of all times and im so happy that there is people out there that keeps it alive." neomaynard

"I have to say that without fail, this community has responded to every conundrum I've had with generosity and with enough details to get the job done correctly the first time. It's a terrific place" Kyle_K_ski

"I just wanted to say Happy Holidays, and thank you for making and keeping ghostrecon.net a friendly website. You know, I've known you and alot of other people here, longer than I've known most of my real life friends. And in fact, I've made real life friends from some people here on this site. I've had the opportunity to hang out with Army SF guys, visit Ft. Bragg NC, and work on government projects -- all because of contacts I've made on your website. Thank you for making GR.net what it is, my friend. God Bless."

"Thank you for the great service. As one of the older retired guys (69) in gaming I'm always interested in how well some of the forums are maintained. Your site is one of the very best I have seen. Congratulations." GreenwaldJE

"I rarely play OGR anymore, and I never bought GRAW, yet I visit GR.net on a daily basis.  This community is a strong one for sure..." en4rcment

"this is the best moderated game forum I have encountered. You and your fellow moderators are to be congratulated." OliverReed

"I have seen a few forums on differnet games. And I have to say that THIS forum is the best" Rbrad1

"I think the mods of this forum have done a great job" tonytwotoes

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for a excellent site. There's obviously a lot of hard work that goes into Ghost Recon Net, and it is greatly appreciated by people like myself who visit daily to read the latest news." Steve

"the best moderated game forum I have ever been on" newman

"... site that defines all awesomeness" Avalon Drew

"...this has been the only place to get any kind of info... Keep up the good work everyone." HaDeZ

"I have to say... I've seen alot of stuff, on alot of boards, about people interested in joining the military... But I have NEVER seen a board full of members actually willing to HELP the younger members with their decisions, and the pre-bootcamp training before! BRAVO GR Peeps! Now, I'm really glad I joined here!" Thor

"Well i wish i could list every one who helped me but it would go on for ever... But one person i really want to thank is Rocky: cuz if it wasnt for him and his mods this forum wouldnt exist and i never would have gotten into this industry..." Pantera Team A

"This is why I post HERE at this site and not that OTHER one. More better gooder information and posts from the game dev guys. Awesome just awesome." danegeld2

"Thanks for havin such a straight forward and easy to use site thats a pleasure to use. I'm being honest and have searched many sites for many years, You got it down pat brother's, keep it up." Bloodwolf

"keep up the great work Rocky..............your sites are the best" Kingkat

"The home of the best community on the web and everything you ever wanted to know about the game and its mods." swartsz.com

"Most certainly the best forum I've EVER joined. I'd love there to be a gr.net for every game I own, but sadly there isn't. " Cobblers

"You're articles and download section are still the greatest assets to the GR community" Sealz Matrix

"thanks for having a forum that's nice and helpful" Snared Gambit

"this is the best community ever" Killa N Manilla

"Having realized that this is my favorite website ever, the great community, and all the great mods I've been exposed to, I want to give something back.  So how do I do this?" maeast

"They are the best at making a fansite that is the truth." Matt03

" if a site is made by the big heads of gr.net, it can't be anything else than awesome" Stalker

" great site! i love it, so do my friends. Very informative, good links and the weapons section rules " Skrew Ball

"Wow this is a great site you guys have here" (Ex.)USMC Sgt.Riconda 226th DEP

"just wan't to say keep up the good work on the site- I've been following some threads that you've had to act on and to be honest- rather you than me- some real interesting views. Keep it up" Gordo Viper

"You're a top-notch guy, and you run a top-notch site. I think I can speak for my whole team and say that we appreciate what you do not only for us, but for the Ghost Recon community as a whole" Parabellum.

"not sure what we all would do without you." whisper_44

"You and your site have done so much to make the community what it is today.
I know that you're site has been a class act" Lingus

"Hey , Just wanted thank you for the great web community you created. I have had so do much help with members here. I get at least 1 or 2 cdrs a week , with the latest mods. Once again thanks for creating a great community. Thanks once again. " ghostrecon50

" (GhostRecon.net) gives everything you could ask for as a GR player, you do one hell of a great job mate ... And the members...so much talent it's crazy, and nice guys too.......the best site.....for the best game...Thanks Rocky" ....Cadré_1

"Rocky Ghostrecon.net ROCKS GREAT JOB it's the best Ghostrecon webesite around GREAT JOB" Dagger

"Little did I know how great online could be until I came here to GR.Net! bkriley

"Ghostrecon.net modding community- the most helpful forum I have ever found for modding. Modders provide quick and detailed responses to all of your modding questions." en4rcment, TacticalGamer.com

"I think your site is the most comprehensive I've ever seen for any RTS" Chris Muir

"Thanks to all the guys who answered my questions in the GR.NET forum, I was pleasantly suprised at the number of people willing to help out." Alpha | Nexxus

"You are my #1 website for news, and info on games etc. " papa6

"Cool site! Its a good thing that sites like this exist. More power to you!!! You're doing great....." ferdie libres

"Fantastic site, well done. .... Again, love the site!" wicker6

"Just wanted to say "Excellent Job!" I check ghostrecon on almost a daily basis, and it has certainly been the first and foremost game site I have used in the last year. I just read your downloads update post and wanted to relay the gratitude. Rock on!" ram0083

"Ghostrecon.net modding community- the most helpful forum I have ever found for modding." en4rcment

"This site is awesome. So helpful. Thank you so much, now I can do things with GR i never knew I could. Great Job." Donny

"I just wanted to give you a quick "thanks" for creating this wonderful community (GR.net) which was an invaluable resource" en4rcment

"I just wanted to tell you how awesome this place is." Lawson Stover

"YOUR MY HERO ! running all over the place trying to find out anything about mods and there it was exactly what I needed just wanted to say thanx !!" Imaginos

"Just wanted to pass along a word of thanks for your website. I have not seen a better and more professionally run website than yours and wanted to express my gratitude to all the staff, modders, and all-around-good-guys that contribute and maintain this site." Paint Jun '03

"Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to this site. It is really great to "belong" to a site and group that is so supportive and helpful, free of the childish flaming and bs so often found on game sites" MERC7

"Excellant forum and website with very informative and helpfull staff. Great job all!" Some

"This site is excellent! I'm currently reading through the sniper tips, and I love the links to additional mobs. I've been playing games for years and G.R. is one of the best I've ever played. Thanks for putting this site together. I know it's a lot of work but it's much appreciated by game players". Zeimet

"the people here on this forum are the friendliest Ihave come across online in a long time. this forum has a great community base where everyone tries to help out where and when they can." XRW Hotdog

"You have no idea how much your (forum) replys reinforces my will and desire to stay in ghost recon. Really appreciate the way the replys where presented. I haven't seen a room with such a mature group of people " hunter301

"speaking on behalf of XRW thanks for all your hard work" XRW_Cpl.Nemo

"addicted to the ghostrecon.net forums" Stalker Zero

"I like the forum ... Everyone here @ GR.net are very helpful and friendly, even to noobies ... here at GR.net I get good debate from moderators and the members a like which is very refreashing." [Ac][d]Cobblers

"Thanks for the help Rocky :biggrin: ur the best !!! love this forum !!" Spooky

"I enjoy this site more than any book I ever read" hurricane_force

"...top site and my most visited in the world. I would be lost woithout you all. A definate contender for "can't live without". Shansai

"... I want to send you guys a donation to help pay for GR.net. ... GR.net is hands down the best GR/DS site out there. Some come close but GR.net is still the best. Thanks to all members of GR.net for your time and effort!" Texrecon27

"Well, thanks again, guys. This is an exceptionally civil forum, my first experience of such a thing in the world of tactical shooters. It's a privilege to be a member" Ice

"... thanks for all you have done and continue to do" Matt Pollard

"... by the way this site completely and utterly RULES" texrecon27

"Thanks also goes to SOTO Mac, Rocky and the guys that hang out on the GR.net forums. Any problem you have, they solve it!" Aus_Viper mod team.


"Let me first say what a kick ass site GR.Net is..." cdocoy

"thanks for working hard to provide the best ghost recon site on the internet" tyovan4

"Just a quick thanks from me, for upkeeping a great site..." MONOLITH

"... just when I thought my GR game was over U r taking me to a new level" Juan

"Thanks for the support , - love the site - keep up the good work!" stormcrow

"A must visit site" players-hq

"I just want to thank you for having so many resources. The section "Ghost Recon Archive" at Recon was most useful to me, thank you again!" Jason

"Rocky, again you suprise me with the greatness of your site and staff" Rees

"Kudos to your website, think I would be in the dark without it. After checking all email and my clan's forums...this is my next stop everyday." Wicked Weasel

"Thank you a lot for your work, your website rules truly" Draco

"Very nice site, well-designed." Wayne

"Rocky, you, sir, are a life saver." Chiwawa - the original 'hot dog'.

"the most compreshensive, mature & well informed site" UnprecedentedEvil

"I come here and it's SO much more relaxed. I don't know how to explain it. Everyone's so much more civil and friendly. Cool." Frosty

"this is the best GR site" Jiffy

"Your site is AWESOME !!!" ŠForëst

"you have built a consistently great site for ghost recon mods and info guys... thanks for providing the service..." Dallas

"Great site and keep up the good work." Mike Schell

"Thank you, that was really helpfull! by the way: Thank you for a really great site!" Johan

"What can I say you guys are the best" Col. Kurtsky Wolf

"...thanks for the great job you guys are doing." Don

"Ghostrecon.net is a quality site with lots of accurate info, ... Ghostrecon.net rules" Ark in the Official Forums.

"please, if you wish to learn about the game, go to http://www.ghostrecon.net " from the official forums.


"The definitive GR site" @war

"GR.Net is where the real soldiers get their GR fix" Clan SOTO

"you have the best freakin GR site around!" Ben H

"Rocky, you da man." Trump

"Rocky you are the MAN!!!!" BadName=X=

"you the man" Scarecrow

"Thank you for having a great web site to work with and get
great GR info insight" JB1

"thanks for you very prompt service I couldn't believe how quickly you replied, Once again Thanks so much" Derrick McCauley

"My hats off to you guys, hopefully RSE will see that it is you guys that keep them in business" Buddy

"Thanks for your hard work, and help...." Buddy

"I love you guys and the board is excellent. " Lowbottom

.."i would like to say that by far yours is the best GR site out there..." OLW_Jesparado

"If you're into gr modding, this is a must read.." Akira @war

On our Mods

"Firestar just made a mod that DOES change the day maps to night, and it rocks the casbah." FB2

"Wow, sweet mod Firestar!" Lance75

"Wow...looks real nice! Can't wait to give it a shot! "

"THAT IS TIGHT!!!!!!! I downloaded the night to day mod, and it works perfectly, it is awesome!!! Thanks FIRESTAR!!!!!!! "


On Our Games

"Best online game I've played with guys I don't know" StormCrow



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