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By: Hatchetforce

Published : October 16, 2006

In November of 2005, several staff visited Red Storm Entertainment studios in North Carolina. The following interview transcript is the result of hours spent talking to RSE. The answers given are from a particular slice of time within the development cycle (close to beta). Keep in mind that game features and details may have changed since then, and RSE’s statements shouldn’t be taken as descriptions of the final product, but rather as a ‘snapshot’ of GR:AW MP for 360 during that period of game development.

  • Christian Allen (CA) – lead MP designer for GR:AW
  • Brian Tate (BT) – overall lead artist for GR:AW MP
  • Pete Sekula (PS) – co lead artist for GR:AW MP
  • Robbie Edwards (RE) – producer
  • Travis Getz (TG) – authenticity coordinator
  • Hatchetforce (HF) – Staff
  • ZJJ – Staff


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HF – You still have a targeted ship date? February time frame is the last the public was told. Are you still aiming for that?

RE – We don’t answer those types of questions. Check the website, it’ll say.

HF – Is your aim for an Xbox 360 release and then other platforms follow after that?

RE – I don’t know the plan for the other platforms.

HF – Are you handling the MP only for the 360 version and that’s it? Are you dedicated only to the MP?

BT – Only the miscellaneous stuff here and there. This studio is primarily focused on MP

HF – and the 360?

CA – We spent a lot of time giving feedback on other platforms: Xbox and PC. We give a lot of information. Travis deals a lot with giving them manufacturer specs on things.

HF - I have to tell you here at the close of things that I’m astounded. I am. It’s just way more than what I expected.

RE – We didn’t really get to show you the good stuff.

HF – Well, I’ll come back up here next week.

CA – A lot of the features that you see in GR:AW are directly related to the feedback we get from people in the forums, and fans that write in and stuff.

HF – Does that include those posts where you drag me into it, and then run? (Lots of laughing.)

CA – It comes to a point where if I respond in any way, you can’t win, they’ve made up their minds. The thing about feedback is, like for example, air strikes in GR2. I knew people had problems with air strikes in GR2 because so many people asked questions about it on the forums. So many people said I’m having difficulty, I don’t know how to do this. So on Summit Strike, we tried to work on the help text, we tried to work on the button functionality, but the thing is, it’s more feedback of seeing lots of people say [the same] stuff. It’s like HF saying the same thing over and over and over again, once I know his stance on something, you don’t need to say it everyday.

HF – There is constructive feedback, you know, to a company where a person says “Here is a problem, here is why it’s a problem, and here’s what I think should be done about it.” But just saying “Oh, that sucks, or you guys are full of crap for doing that,” there has to be a limit.

BT – We have pretty thick skins though. We can take the criticism.

HF – The damage with that is when it derails a constructive thread, you have good feedback, and suddenly they’re derailed by one or two guys that come in there, and they are asses about something, and they hijack the thread.

BT – If the good ideas are getting buried under all that, then it isn’t helping anything. We realize that we are going to piss people off. Fifty percent of the people will be happy about one thing, and the other 50 will be unhappy about the same thing. Like Robby said, we like to provide the option to do both, so we try to make everybody happy.

HF – But I think this is something well worth waiting for. But what I have seen out of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter has impressed me more than any 360 title in development right now.

ZJJ – We have to get this on the record. The challenge from the fans to RSE. Where does that stand? You guys up for it?

RE – What do you mean challenge?

CA - Oh, I forgot to tell you.

RE - To answer your question, yes. Are we talking about PC or 360?

ZJJ - We are agreeable to a 360. That’s what you guys developed, that’s what we’re agreeable to.

CA – Please express our gratitude to Rocky and those at

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