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Exploding Head Syndrome

09 April 2015 - 02:22 AM

Exploding Head Syndrome

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I think the article is correct in saying fatigue is a factor and that it is a prelude to deep sleep. Now instead of wondering if something is wrong I now know I am about to fall asleep.


 The first few times did make me wonder what was going on. Can't say it ever scared me. While I was working I had both very intense visual and auditory but only one such event per night that I can remember.

 My best description of the visual is like a strobe light. The auditory has an electrical sound about it.  Short duration and very intense.

Since retiring I rarely have a visual event but still have an auditory one.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Official Kickstarter Video

06 October 2014 - 02:19 AM

I probably won't donate to the kickstarter campaign but this does look interesting.

Geek.com's The best video game trailers of all time

29 July 2014 - 03:02 PM


Wombat50's "Migryder Festival Mod"

05 April 2014 - 11:06 PM

I use this as my personal mod for SP. Had it on my mind to release it but it needs allot more work and I think it would be hard to get permissions. Really to lazy to ask for them.




EDITED 2015-04-03:



  • 30 intense SP/COOP quick missions from Migryder's mission packs
  • Loads of meticulous re-texturing for maps, characters, visual effects, etc.
  • More realistic sound effects for weapons, explosions, ambience, vehicles, etc.
  • New male and Russian voices
  • Many other game improvements


Mod Download: Wombat50's "Migryders Festival Mod"


Textures Patch: http://www.mediafire...extures_BB3.rar


From the ReadMe:


Includes missions from the following Migryder Mission Packs: Pressure, Africa Burning, Guatemala Mod and Knightfork.

Play as Quick Missions. 
There is no campaign. 
Very solid for SP. One or two may cause problems in MP.
Different skins for Ghost characters. Snipers now use the Jack Stone character and not the ghillie suit.
Map textures (mostly ground) and color adjustments for many but not all maps. 
SOUNDS and stock weapons:
-Male and Russian Voice. Some but not all
-Weapons, cracks, whizzes and explosions
-A few ambient and vehicle sounds
-Some but not all Character footsteps, going to prone and crouch, wounded whump(by YOTM Team)
-New grenade explosion (horizontal and vertical surfaces)
-Blood spray has been changed to a dust cloud from bullet hitting an enemy or being hit.
-Sky textures for c02_military_camp, d05_aurora
-Smoke textures
-Groza rifle
-binocular mask
-sniper mask
-clear night vision
-wheels and treads for BMP, desert BMP and SA13
-vehicle dust
-bullet ground impacts. I had no luck changing the color.
Mod First Look gameplay video provided by twcrash (Seawolves Special Forces):

Amphibious BMP

14 December 2013 - 07:44 PM

Nothing special just wanted to share.
Added a BMP to an existing mission to see how it would do on the Swamp map.



It can go out in open water where players can not. While in the water it can be destroyed if any of it is above the water line. Can't be destroyed if fully submerged however it can shoot players. IRL I don't think they fully submerge but ride in the water at a certain height.

Just thought this was a nice screenie

IPB Skin By Virteq