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Sart's Shack > Still here...

Posted 09 March 2014

March 2014 baby! Still at GRNET!
Remember when GRNET had a clan!? Then it changed it's name to TE (Tactical Elite I think)? That was bad-ass. We rocked some Alpha Squad tournaments, hiding in bushes while AI Russians walked a meter passed us because somehow they couldn't see our computer legs sticking out. Something about Jack Stone riding a boat...

Sart's Shack > Pier Solar (HD!) coming to modern consoles? Take my money!

Posted 03 February 2013

"What the hell is Pier Solar?" That's the first question that probably will pop in heads if they see the title of my blog entry. By the way I hate the word "blog", it sounds stupid.
Pier Solar is a full blown 2010 game release for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive developed by Watermelon and their Magic Game Factory. Yes, Watermelon and their Magic Game...

Sart's Shack > Games I Beat This Deployment

Posted 01 February 2013

Down time is game time...
1.) Streets Of Rage 2
2.) Vectorman
3.) Toe Jam & Earl
4.) Golden Axe
5.) Golden Axe 2
6.) TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
7.) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
8.) Demolition Man
9.) Halo: Reach
10.) Halo: ODST
11.) Ecco Jr.
I've never been big into the Halo series, but 'Firefight' is sooooooo much fun. 

Sart's Shack > True Tales From ARMA 2 - #2 - Bren New

Posted 21 September 2012

REAL MEN playing REAL... er... games.

Sart's Shack > $40 I'm Not Getting Back - A Thrift Mall Tale

Posted 16 September 2012

My hunt for older games usually has me visiting various flee markets and thrift stores around the area. As you can imagine, it's pretty hit or miss. I usually stick to the closer ones for this reason, as I don't have the most fuel efficient vehicle around, and driving for an hour or more just to "miss" is kind of a kick to the...

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