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27 April 2012 - 09:05 PM

Played  some with Orney today. I am really enjoying the beta. The gun mod system is about as deep as in any game I have seen, if not more so. Once I hit level 4 with my guy I dropped game to eat and really take a look at what was going on with his weapons. I'm impressed with the system. I'll say one thing for sure... This game is going to take all the SOCOM people very quickly.

Though... I feel like they need to remove the "hold X to move to next cover" option. Seems a little too easy to snap from cover to cover, not that it helps all the time, just saying.

im king of the old school right here haha well i cant seem to access beta since i dont have playstation plus but i am looking for a squad clan for future soldier teams with mics and people planning to buy mappacks  since black ops   cam e out   i have been waiting for this game and im gonna go all out    ghost reon makes tremendous maps   and boy there is no greater joy than sniping on gr   the beach  nowhere   omg im so excited well add me yall   psn  mcsizzle23  and email at robertmccain831@hotmail.com