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Ideas, Opinions and Whatnot > dead weekends should be banned

Posted 28 May 2011

theres me sitting at my computer wondering why virtually no one had replied to any posts, then i realized, it's the weekend, it's usually dead :P
i reckon this site should have weekend entertainment threads to bring more people in on the weekends or somp'in :P

Ideas, Opinions and Whatnot > GigaNerd: Firefox 4, Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11.04 comparison

Posted 22 May 2011

in case you guys were wondering :thumbsup:

Ubuntu 11.04
Posted Image


Ideas, Opinions and Whatnot > DRM (well, more of a copy protection) Idea.

Posted 18 May 2011

always wondered whether such a thing would work but, here it goes

Whenever a legitimate copy is entered into the drive, the executable file will work as normal for any amount of usage. asking for a key which is connected to that executable file (so keygens won't work)

BUT if the files on the disk are copied, or added to the clipboard. then it...

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