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In Topic: Regulars - Site Refresh...?

06 May 2015 - 06:39 AM

I think it's safe to say that after posting a picture like that Rocky will make yout LolCat posts top priority. :)

In Topic: Regulars - Site Refresh...?

05 May 2015 - 09:07 PM

Providing there is minimal risk of losing any data then I would say it's worth it, a more modern site would make it easier for both members and admins.

In Topic: Ground Branch.. It Lives!

22 April 2015 - 11:43 AM

Moved thread to correct forum.

In Topic: Happy Birthday

16 April 2015 - 02:22 PM

Happy Birthday Cpl Ledanek.


In Topic: FEMAL3 for Arma3

06 April 2015 - 06:51 AM

Thread title changed as requested by Alex.

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