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Wineskin - Play PC games on your Mac without needing Windows

29 March 2015 - 08:05 PM

While I have a dedicated Boot Camp partition and virtualization software for Windows on my Mac, I've been using Wineskin wrappers to run all kinds of PC applications and games (incl. Ghost Recon) for some time now, and while there are titles that require additional configuration, a lot of PC software runs just fine out of the box in a default wrapper created by Wineskin Winery.


For those interested, here's a Wineskin HowTo tutorial I found on YouTube:


Beta Invite for Galactic Nemesis - Retro Space Shooter (iOS)

29 March 2015 - 07:37 PM

Looks very promising and cool!  :)


With Galactic Nemesis, our aim is to honor the classic 8bit space shooter of times past, yet updated, and modernized for mobile with fluid controls, and retro feel. Simple. Addictive. Classic.

For more information, or for a beta invite, please contact Charles Schulze.




Real Combat Video Footage

29 March 2015 - 06:40 PM

With the proliferation of helmet and phone cams in todays military conflicts, there's more and more video footage of real-world combat available around the web. I'm going to pin this thread so it may be used to collect some real-life combat footage provided by our forum members in the future.


These videos are not meant to be a glorification of war or violence, they should only serve information and documentary purposes. Due to the nature of combat, the videos may depict scenes or contain material inappropriate for some people. Viewer discretion is highly advised!








Humans of Kabul

28 March 2015 - 10:40 PM

Humans of Kabul Video from Humans of Kabul on Vimeo.

Chris Crawford's "Dragon Speech" (Game Design)

24 March 2015 - 11:07 PM

Chris Crawford's Dragon Speech - A Testament to Inspired Game Design

For those of you interested in how much inspiration, intensity, and artistic integrity great game developers used to can possess, I just leave this here.

Christopher Crawford (born 1950) is a computer game designer and writer. He designed and programmed several important computer games in the 1980s, including Eastern Front (1941) and Balance of Power. Among developers he became known for his passionate advocacy of game design as an art form, founding both The Journal of Computer Game Design and the Computer Game Developers' Conference. In 1992 Crawford withdrew from commercial game development and began experimenting with ideas for a next generation interactive storytelling system.
At the 1992 CGDC, Chris Crawford gave "The Dragon Speech", which he considers "the finest speech of his life". Throughout the speech, he used a dragon as a metaphor for video games as a medium of artistic expression. He declared that he and the video game industry were working "at cross purposes", with the industry focusing heavily on "depth", when Crawford wanted more "breadth": to explore new horizons rather than merely furthering what has already been explored. He arrived at the conclusion that he must leave the gaming industry in order to pursue this dream. He declared that he knew that this idea was insane, but he compared this "insanity" to that of Don Quixote:

Insanity is an inability to come to terms with reality. Don Quixote was definitely insane, because he couldn't come to terms. But there was a reason: the reality in which Don Quixote lived was a sordid and ugly reality … Don Quixote didn't want that. He wanted to live in a world where there was truth, and human dignity, and, yes, love.… Instead of giving up on it, he imposed his reality onto the real world. Where other people saw a filthy country hostel, he saw a castle! Where other people saw a flock of sheep, he saw a mighty army! Where other people saw a windmill, he saw a dragon. Yes, Don Quixote was a crazy old fool. But, you know, he was more honest about his dream than most people, and for that, I honor him.



The speech is notable for its dramatic ending in which Crawford confronts the dragon:


I have committed myself, I have dedicated myself, to the pursuit of the dragon. And having made that commitment … all of a sudden, I can see him! There he is, right in front of me, clear as day.… You're so much bigger than I ever imagined, and I'm, I'm not so sure I like this. I mean, yes, you're glorious and beautiful, but you're ugly, too. Your breath reeks of death!… Am I so pitiful that you can sneer in my face like that? Yes, yes, you frighten me! You hurt me! I've felt your claws ripping through my soul! But I'm going to die someday, and before I can do that, I've got to face you, eyeball to eyeball. I've got to look you right in the eye, and see what's inside, but I'm not good enough to do that yet. I'm not experienced enough, so I'm going to have to start learning. Today. Here. Now. Come, dragon, I will fight you. Sancho Panza, my sword! (He picks up a sword from the desk behind him, which he unsheaths from its scabbard.) For truth! For beauty! For art! Charge!



Crawford then charged down the lecture hall and out the door, symbolizing his exit from the gaming industry.

Here is the famous "Dragon Speech" in full length. If you cannot spare the time for the entire speech, I suggest you at least watch the final part. It's well worth it. Oh, and a little trivia: The keen observer may spot other semi-gods of game development among the audience members sitting in silent awe (e.g. Sid Meier).
The Dragon Speech Part 1 of 5 - "Dream Well"
The Dragon Speech Part 2 of 5 - "Interactivity"
The Dragon Speech Part 3 of 5 - "The Genesis Of Art"
The Dragon Speech Part 4 of 5 - "Characters"
The Dragon Speech Finale (Part 5 of 5) - "Chaaaaaaarge!"

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