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Dannik Takes on The Universe > New Location and Assorted Madness

Posted 17 September 2013

I had a few blogs; differing enough to lead me to separate them. No more. I have one, now, and anything I can think of now has a home.
It's a different technology that any other I operated, but the very common WordPress tech behind it.  It's at Any Luck  at the moment. The hosting is a thank you from a...

Dannik Takes on The Universe > We are closed. Read something else.

Posted 18 August 2013


Dannik Takes on The Universe > Steam Sale 2012

Posted 21 December 2012

If your wallet isn't smoking after visiting the Steam Store before this coming Christmas Day, your games list must be impressive. Featuring such deals as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete Pack, currently at 75% off (OGR trilogy, GRAW 1&2) you...

Dannik Takes on The Universe > Go boom

Posted 10 September 2012

So I fell down again, this time just trying to get dressed. Luckily it was a slow fall, and I landed squarely with my tailbone on the tile floor, but without anything unpleasant breaking my fall, so I shouldn't have any surprise bruising tomorrow.

Every now and then I guess subconsciously I need a reminder that i'm still broken. ...

Dannik Takes on The Universe > A new toy, sort of.

Posted 28 August 2012

Remember this?

May, huh. A long time ago. Well, yesterday I arranged for the bulk of a new system to be purchased. I'm now just a couple of drives (the computer kind) away from a nice new system.

Cooler Master 371 case...

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