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Ghost Recon Future Soldier


The new GRFS look?

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#1 Rtheman


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Posted 16 February 2012 - 10:51 PM

Hi guys,

I've been reading as much as i possibly can about GRFS over the last few months...and now if i'm honest. I'm completely gutted.

I'm not a halo fan, i'm not a COD fan. I like BF3 and a few others but honestly I like my shooters a certain way. And one of the last greats that i played was GRAW2. Fantastic game, campaign wise i couldn't get enough of it. Played it multiple times and still playing it now because i liked it that much.

I loved the way GRFS looked at E3 2010, the whole look of the ghosts, the weapons, the technology, the way even that level looked. Everything about it reeked of amazing.

Then the damn developers decided to change it all.

Now i know there are going to be people on here giving me the same age old argument that always gets dumped around, 'its the devs game and if they choose to change it then thats their choice', but honestly I think they've taken what was a amazing looking concept, and made it look faintly average.

They've put arguments up saying that 'when you focus too much on Sci Fi in a Sci Fi universe then you end up being just a standard Grunt and it takes away the elite feel'??? Thats absolute rubbish, i watched that gameplay footage from 2010 probably over 60 times and not once did i think that the enemies were in anyway as advanced or well trained as the ghosts were meant to be.

The ghosts looked amazing, their setup looked fantastic and their armour looked the absolute business, and that assault rifle as well...wow. Now they've got stupid looking face covers on that hide the space between their chin and neck. Sounds like a very specific gripe i know, but no1 wants to spend money on a character that looks ridiculous??

In summary, i think they've ruined what could've been a really amazing game and made it what looks like a slight revamp of GRAW2 now. They've added a few mechanics and tech and fine tuned it a little bit. But their unwillingness to travel a little farther into the future than they have has stumped the game for me. And most, if not all, of the followers of it that i know of.


What are your guys thoughts?

#2 RileyFletcher_01


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Posted 16 February 2012 - 11:59 PM

I agree with everything said here except that GRAW2 is great. I thought it was terrible. About every other mission you get some crash, and they've once again made another game that requires way too many resources to mod it. Hell, even if they tried they couldn't beat Ghost Recon 1.

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 01:39 AM

Well, you're certainly in disagreement with a lot of folks here. I think UBI did the right thing in toning down the super sci-fi look for this iteration simply because I don't think the developers had done enough to justify that look in the first place. Instead, I think now we see something like a transitional species between the guys in GRAW 2 and the Predator look of the original design.
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