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Corsair PSUs

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 11:08 AM

Well, I have been a fan of Corsair RAM for a long time, but haven't bought one of their Power Supply Units until now.

For my builds in the last few years, I've been using Antec, Cooler Master, Thermaltake (mainly because that's what's sold where I usually get my parts from). Because my recent upgrade to a GF GTX 570 necessitated a new PSU, I decided to pick up a Corsair TX750W v2 on sale for Cdn$99 and I'm very impressed.

From the quiet and larger than average 140mm fan, to adequately long cables to reach the furthest parts of the case, to the 4x 8-pin PCIe SLI-ready power connectors, to the excellent sleeving of the cables, to the inclusion of plastic ties - it really oozed quality. Even the labeling on the Corsair PSU was great as my Lian-Li case tends to obscure the PSU and I forgot what brand/wattage my previous PSU was, and couldn't tell until I took it out. The PSU itself even came wrapped up in a soft draw-string cloth bag!

Anyways, just curious if anyone else here has had good/bad experience with Corsair's PSUs?

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 01:41 PM

Have been using Corsair PSU`s for a while now. Even have a brand new 500W still boxed here. Always bought the best I could get.

I fitted a 750W to my new PC which was all great until I went for the Sli setup. I had random kernal power errors and lockups. Reading the PSU calculator on several sites they showed that I was fine with 1 card, but running 2 cards, I needed at least a 850W PSU, so I picked up a 1250W just so it will have no issues with future upgrades.

Added Sli to the calculator showed an increase of 200w needed!

The PSU itself even came wrapped up in a soft draw-string cloth bag!

hehe have 2 of those now, makes good for sunglasses and stuff when down the beach.
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#3 Cpl Ledanek

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Posted 31 December 2011 - 04:57 AM

from what I've read

Corsair AX850 are re-branded Seasonic X-Series

"jonnyGURU recommended".

Power supplies at jonnyGURU.com are scored in four categories: performance, functionality, value and aesthetics. Each category has a different weight that effects the overall score.

Performance (40% of the final score) - The AX850 really performs well. Voltage regulation was good, efficiency was excellent, albiet not to Gold standards in my unit, the fan produced virtually no noise and, other than some funky waveforms coming from the +5VSB, ripple suppression was fantastic. 9.5.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - You can't knock a PSU for being FULLY modular at all. My compaint was the mix of flat with sleeved cables. Some people like the flat cables, while others like the sleeved cables. Something bothers me about the mixing of the two. The PSU is compact, so that's a plus and they include an on/off switch on the back, which is also a plus. I feel comfortable giving the unit a 9.5 here too.

Value (30% of the final score) - The AX850 typically sells for around $189.99. This is rather expensive for an 850W power supply. There are other 80 Plus Gold modular power supplies for less. That said, this PSU is not, by any means, a "cheap" power supply in build quality. I'm going to be fair here and give this PSU an 8 for value.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) - This unit has very tame looks. It's a flat back finish with "Corsair AX850" stickers on each side. Nothing too flashy, but sometimes that's a good thing. I think the biggest aesthetic anomaly here is the hodge podge of cables. I'm going to give this unit an 9 for aesthetics.

When we put this all together, we get a total score of 9, and thus the unit gets a "jonnyGURU recommended".

may or may not of your interest... least I can contribute at this time

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 02:41 AM

hehe have 2 of those now, makes good for sunglasses and stuff when down the beach.

Great idea! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the comments guys.

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