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Last Chance to Get GR2 DLCs

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 08:29 AM

Just in case this important piece of news wasn't noticed by those of you with GR2 Xbox, Serellan posted on his blog that you only have 1 month left to get the free GR2/SS DLCs and this is your LAST CHANCE til they are gone forever ...

I just downloaded mine tonight: GR2 has 3 tactical packs and GR2:SS has 1 bonus pack.


Microsoft has announced that on April 14th, they are taking down Xbox Live support for original Xbox games. This is tough news for me, to know that I won’t ever again be able to go online and play the first games I worked on professionally. I guess that’s the price of modern console development. Even though GR is primarily a PTP based game, it still relies on the Xbox Live service to connect players.

But for right now, the service is still up. The most important thing, if you have these games, and like me, have moved on to an Xbox 360, you should go and download the DLC before the service goes down. DLC for GR: Island Thunder, GR2, and GR2: Summit Strike is still up and is still FREE. But you should get it now.

When we designed the game infrastructure for Ghost Recon DLC on the Xbox (starting with Island Thunder), we didn’t really plan for the day when Live would not be available. We always assumed that anyone with a connection could get the DLC. Thus, if AFTER the Live shutdown, any box WITH the DLC will not be able to connect to a box WITHOUT the DLC. So, the only solution for you if one box has it and the other doesn’t, is for the box with it to delete the content. This was not a problem back in the day when the person WITH the content would just go home, hook back up to Live, and redownload the content. But now, if you deleted the content, it would be gone forever.

So, if you ever plan to System-Link play the game with your buddies, take the 15 minutes to get the DLC. I did this on my 360 the other night. Remember, the DLC for these games is not shown on Xbox Live Marketplace. You need to boot the individual game, go to the option for downloading content, and download it. GR: Island Thunder has a dozen or so individual map packages; Ghost Recon 2 has three variety packs, and GR2: Summit Strike has one bonus pack of weapons, game types, and maps. Even if you don’t ever plan to play these games online, there is a lot of the content that can be used in local play. And it’s FREE

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 11:05 PM

Not only that, but after April 14th you won't be able to play them (or any other original Xbox game) on Xbox Live at all any more. So unless you're playing on a LAN or over another service like Xlink Kai, this is your last chance to even play the multiplayer at all. :(

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