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Ghost Recon Future Soldier


Preview for PS3 version

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Posted 14 May 2007 - 01:00 PM

2006 was a pretty great year for Tom Clancy fans; we saw three more installments in the highly-acclaimed Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell franchises. So whether you like tactical team-based action or individual stealth-based action, you could easily have your pick of high-quality titles. And then we found out that the next Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was coming to the PS3, and we suddenly got very excited...

The original Advanced Warfighter, exclusive to the Xbox 360, brought us a uniquely immersive environment, complete with a realistic combat atmosphere, beautiful visuals, a great co-op mode, and a massively addictive online mode that allowed up to 16 players at once. And best of all, rather than maintain that old-fashioned and rather monotonous strict mission-based format, Ubisoft implemented a format where seamless transitions between cut-scene and gameplay was the order of the day. Furthermore, with more freedom in how we approached each level, plenty of weapons and high-tech gadgets, and a diverse and relatively lengthy single-player campaign, GRAW was one of the best games of 2006.

So what do they have planned for the sequal? Well, the foundation is already there, so we can expect to see more enhancement and refinements to that tried-and-true formula. Some of the first upgrades we’ve heard of have included the expanded use of the UAV drone, a fresh new terrestrial drone, the MULE, the awesome added assistance of both helicopters and jet fighters, and more ground units (like medics). Heck, Ubisoft’s Paris and Red Storm teams are even going the extra mile, providing support for three different kinds of control: standard, Legacy, and left-handed, for all you southpaws out there. In terms of the storyline, we’ll be picking up where we left off in the first GRAW, less than one year after the final confrontation.

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