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Newsagency fun.

Posted by , 27 September 2005 · 727 views

Went down to the newsagency outside where I work during my tea break today.Was gunna pick up a car mag and some mobile phone credit, so i came in and starting looking for the magazine i wanted (had an article on the Evo-9 and the new Mitsubishi 380, but I digress). As im hunting thru the mags, i notice there is an old lady, going at some scratch and win tickets at the counter. She is talkin to the old dude who works there, and saying all kinds of crap that eluded to how "all these bloody arabs and muslims come to this country and whinge and wear these head scarfs and blow us all up"I just froze where i was, and kept listning. Casual as anything, she is scratching her tickets and just rambling on to the shop-keep, who is just nodding and yessing.She kept going, all along the same vein, arabs blowing themselves up.I just left before I turned around and called her an ignorant old ######, and asked if she wanted to back to 1820, when all the coloured man did was pick her tea. Thought it best not to cause a fuss...:rant:

Old people are good for laughs. ;)

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