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Ghost Recon Future Soldier

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Posted by Sart, 16 September 2009 · 78 views

Just got back from deployment and boy are my arms tired!

(haha...? No?)

My gaming rig's hard drive is still in a dump, and im WAY to lazy to fix it. I read there is like four or five Fallout 3 expansions out and what is this? [OFP: DR] is REAL? I must be dreaming.

So im back on my laptop playing GR1 and Fallout 1 & 2 (need my "end of days" fix) for now. I see there is also a GR4 in the future, nice. Fallout 2 is kicking my butt. I built my guy's stats up to be a gun blasting rockstar and all I get at the start is a spear. Everything from rats to house plants are ripping me a new one.

Ive been wanting to get a new car FOREVER and work keeps getting in the way. Now I have to wait another month or two. The hangovers dont help either.

At least the internet works.

Yeah they say OFP:DR is going to be the next Ghost Recon. If this is true I may have to place it atop the obelisk in my back yard with my original GR copy.

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