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The Story So Far Sidenote

Posted by Dannik, in Personal 02 September 2011 · 208 views

Anyone who asked me for my presence before this began and was met with me not feeling well, that was true, mostly unrelated, and stupid on my part.

I was drinking very heavily for years prior to this all, and managed to do some damage to my pancreas and liver. Luckily, though the damage was effectively permanent, I stopped drinking completely before it was too late.

I approached CAMH for support, which they were glad to provide, though the waiting list is long for the serious stuff. I was building up to take the next step with my psychoanalyst, when I had my stroke, and somehow it didn't seem as important any more. Well, truth be told, I can't get in/out of the apartment unless I have help, or it's an emergency, and the missus takes enough time off just looking after me & my physical health. Booze and cigarettes are long a part of my past now.
That said, there is one major remnant of those days left. They left me with type 2 diabetes, the sort that requires insulin therapy, though my case is not severe.

To Part 3!

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