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Common Things To Yell During A Game Of ARMA 2

Posted by Sart, 06 August 2011 · 403 views

A now a list of things that either my teamates or I yell into Teamspeak during your adverage game of ARMA 2.

1.) "CREWS OUT!" - This happens right after hitting a tank with a rocket or two (or 30 handgrenades). The end result is usually a tank crew member going prone and killing us.

2.) "WHY DOSEN'T MY GEAR WORK!?" - Nothing is more fun than spending ten minutes outfitting yourself and the rest of your squad, only to enter the mission and find that none of it worked.

3.) "WHAT ARE YOU DOING [AI #]!?" - ARMA 2 has pretty good AI, at least when they are assigned as OPFOR. The BLUFOR side on the otherhand tend to be complete idiots. This isn't always the case, but whenever something important comes up, thats when their AI seems to turn off. Here are some examples-
  • Shooting their rocket launcher at OPFOR units when a ######ING TANK is screaming towards us.
  • When your shot, bleeding, watching your life flash before your eyes, screaming for the medic. Oh! Here he comes! And there he goes, RUNNING RIGHT ON PAST YOUR WOUNDED ASS.
  • We no joke had an AI steal from another one. I don't know how, or why, but one AI dropped his weapon and NVGs. Then the medic picks them up and goes running off with the poor guys machine gun and nightvision.
  • Whenever you hear the AI yell "FRAG OUT", go ahead and lay down, your alredy dead.
  • Sometimes they just stop. They stop listing to you, they stop moving. They just stand there. Fantastic.
  • This next one is great. You tell an AI to plant a satchel charge, and as soon as he is clear or the blast radius, he blows that sucker. As for you or any other member of the squad being clear, OH WELL.

4.) "OH THATS ######!" - Typical reaction to getting shot.

5.)"I SHOT THAT GUY IN THE FACE 1,2,3... TIMES!" - Nothing is more annoying then watching your bullets hit a dudes face six times through your scope, and they just keep on shooting back. This game is really bad with 5.56 at range.

6.) "All thats left is an RPG-18"... - When the enemy APC is closing in and this peice of ###### is the only thing you have left. I have never hit anything in the game with this rocket. One day the thing goes flying off, and the next day it seem like it has a range of 20 meters.

7.) "GET SOME!" - Typical reaction to getting surrounded. Is shortly followed by full automatic fire, sprinting, and falling flat on your face in a pool of your own blood.

8.) "WHERE IS THE TANK? I'VE GOT THE AT!" - The last thing you say before every OPFOR on the map targets you.

9.) "AAAARRRRGGGG, SUN!" - The sun is this game is horrible. You don't even need to look at the thing, just looking in the general direction is enough to blind you. Even the moon can blind you, YES THE MOON.

10.) "WHY CAN'T I TURN THE CUTSCENE OFF!?" - Why, WHY won't mission makers put in a option to turn their cutscenes OFF. No one wants to watch a five minute cutscene 100 TIMES.

LOL, awesome.

PM incoming.
Sadly all true. Why do we play this game again?

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