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So I'm a cheater?

Posted by DeUcEsWiLd, 24 October 2006 · 369 views

Now...I don't want to come across like BOTA:X or anything :P , but today, for the first time, I was accused of cheating when playing a TDM round on the BDA server. I was never approached by anyone, but I had a squadmate on the other side that told me about it later. I kind of take it as a compliment of sorts. I've never really thought of myself being good enough to be considered "beyond everyday gaming ability"... I must really be a stud, eh? Ha, well anyways, kind of took me off guard when I heard about their discussion on TeamSpeak. I guess when there really are hackers and glitchers out there having their way with this game, us fine, normal, everyday GRAW citizens will get pointed out from time-to-time...

Congrats! I wish someone would call me a cheater.

Last night I had my CD Key Rejected from their server for about 30 minutes. I thought, "This is it. I really am a cheater!" After restarting GRAW 3 times and my PC once, I was able to reconnect. Stupid Gamespy...
Sometimes it is a compliment when you are called a cheat or hack. That means you are that good!!
It's good to know that some people don't take it to heart when they are called a cheat.
I can't wait till people start calling me a cheater!!!

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