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It's not yet my birthday...but I'm not complaining

Posted by DeUcEsWiLd, 13 September 2006 · 486 views

So, my wife will be the first to admit that she doesn't care much for the Ghost Recon series. First is was GR 1 in college, now it is GRAW in marriage. She doesn't like the hours spent sitting here at this very desk nor does she understand how I can enjoy a tactical, team-oriented FPS like GR.

With that said, she is an amazing woman. So amazing that tonight I received my early birthday present... an ATI x1900xt. Ok...so I ordered it...but she allowed it...and that is a great thing. Thanks be to my wife...thanks be to ATI! Tonight i played my first game in GRAW with all settings maxed. To be honest...I was running more fps with these settings with this card than i was with all low settings and my previous card!

Ok...so I'm happy!

Nice! :)

I have ordered a new PC (moving into a 'student house' this weekend) and it might not be brilliant, but I can't wait to see what [GR] looks like on it. I might be able to play the game without all the settings on low now. :lol:
Up until two days ago I was in the same boat in GRAW. I editted the XML to get textures only up to medium. I was running a GeForce 6600+. Got it prettty cheap at Newegg.com. This new video card can honestly take your breath away compared to my prior card. Best of luck with your new rig. Treat her nicely!
OMG that is just like my wife!! She'll complain about the amount of time spent on the PC, and at the same time, encourage me to go and buy that new piece of hardware I just happened to mention I'd like!

Women! :wacko:
Ha! ...my thoughts exactly... But, I must be honest. I definately had to bring it up in conversations with her...and at times she wasn't the most encouraging towards my birthday present being in the form of a GPU...but she agreed in the end...and was happy she made me happy! And oh boy am I happy!

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