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Videocard Fund Jar

Posted by Cpl Ledanek, 18 November 2006 · 409 views

Videocard Fund Jar

So I'm freaking out after seeing those videos from Armed Assault. Actually I've been freaking out ever since Crysis movies started coming out. Well maybe even further than that. After I played the F.E.A.R demo came out. Or was it Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?

As I browse through Newegg's videocard selections. Again. I filter those that have rebates. I see an eVGA 7900 GT with $20 rebate, bringing the price down to $200 and change.

I head into our kitchen and started opening cabinet doors under the sink. I see what I was I looking for: an empty jar of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce. We keep it for collecting used cooking oil and recycle it for fueling our cars.

We use it to collect used cooking oil and this is how we properly dispose the used oil. Don't remember why we do it that way, but it has been our routine ever since. I use the empty cars to sort out screws, nuts, bolts, buttons, loose changes, nails, and whatever I think I might need sometimes in the future.

I sat the empty jar on our kitchen island. I went through my backpack and started collecting loose change and found 0.73 cents. The coins made distinct plinking noises as they fall in and bounce around the glass jar. As I was staring how much I have in my Videocard Fund Jar, I remember that I have a secret compartment in my backpack. Just in case ninjas should attack me in a dark alley. I remember I have an emergency funds in there. Jackpot, I find my $2 off coupon for Starbucks.

And a whole $20. Alas I have $20.73 in my videocard fund jar.

I look back in Newegg's website. I have till November 30th to come up with the rest of the money.

My spidey sense is tingling.
Someone else is in the kitchen.

My Sugar Mommy is watching me with her hands on her waist, one foot forward. It's the universal stance for "###### is he doing now?" Looking at me with her sad empathetic eyes. She said, "Put my jar back underneath the sink, I'll buy your stupid video card for Christmas."

It's nice to have a Sugar Mommy.

See you later videocard fund jar. Till the next upgrade.

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