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      Post in here to arrange games with other forum members,
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      Discussion on the Xbox 360 version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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    6. 2011 GR titles for Handheld Gaming Systems & Wii

      For discussion on the 2011 GR titles for Handheld Gaming Systems (Includes "Shadow Wars" on the Nintendo 3DS, "GR Predator" on the PlayStation Portable) and also for Ghost Recon on the Wii

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      Forum for the Free-to-Play PC version of this title.

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      Forum for the Wii U version of this new title.

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      New "companion gaming" title for Facebook & Mobiles that links to the upcoming Future Soldier & GR:Online titles.

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    3. GR:AW (PC) - Tech Support

      Post in here for technical assistance with INSTALLING and RUNNING GR:AW.

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    5. GR:AW - Xbox 360

      Discussion of GR:AW for the Xbox 360

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      Discussion of GR:AW for the Xbox & PS2

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    1. GR2 Console - General Discussion

      Discussion of Ghost Recon 2 for Consoles.

    2. GR2 PC - [Cancelled]

      a READ ONLY record of discussion on the now cancelled PC version of GR2.

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      For general and NON-TITLE specific, discussion on video gaming & It's Industry.

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    • This footage convinced me I to totally let go of Wildlands. Arma 3 and Lightspeeds missions; now there we have the GR-feel.   Best, Koel  
    • He's entitled to his opinion no matter how critical it may be. At the end of the day were you not the one who wanted to hear his point of view in the first place? Seems kind of a silly idea to ask for the idea of someone you know will see it with a critical eye and then hold a sarcastic, passive aggressive attitude and use the typical 'why don't you do it' fallacy. The fact that, that in itself is all you retorted with indicates to me as an observer that you had no valid points left in the argument, so you resorted to that silly quip. Fact of the matter is, people can be critical of a game without knowing how to make one, there is an ENTIRE INDUSTRY around it, if you don't like that I will insert a picture of a door at some point (on my phone at present)  I personally agree with 101's critical perspective for the most part, however I'm sure Wildlands as a game will serve its purpose; to entertain, sure I don't like the direction ubi have taken with the Cheesy AF VO, some strange features here and there but that doesn't mean at any point that my, 101's opinion should be invalidated because he or I see these thongs and think 'what?!' And either of us can't make a game (fun fact: I have, it was fairly ###### as i'd only spent a week using unreal, but i did it, and I am on two dev teams that are making games right now)   People will say ###### you disagree with and you don't like, guess what? Its life! You probably couldn't make an entire tactical shooter game on your own either.   Peace out darlings!
    • Woah sorry Marz1,  totally not criticizing what you're doing, I'm on board 100%. I am keen to see how you build this out and keener to jump in and play it. There are just a lot of negative diehards who will never be happy no matter what you do I'm afraid. Their loss though. I sit n wait....    
    • Yawn. You should make a game or mod 101459, it would be flawless I'm sure.
    • I agree players will never be satisfied.  Yet have you ever wanted to achieve something?  Do you remember some of the memories while playing in game that made you laugh to the point you cried?  I do, and I do have a passion for Ghost Recon the original.  I personally go by three words in life.  Choice, Discipline, and Motivation.  So I choose to start remaking Ghost Recon.  What was a dream isn't a dream anymore.  The best part of doing this is, it's like playing a game.  I am doing this remake for the love of the game and for people who might want to see this game updated.  People have a choice, they can like it or hate it.  It matters either way to me.  I would hope they like it.  My enjoyment comes from taking a box in 3d max and turning it into an object in the game.  I enjoy sitting back and writing code.  I have enjoyed both cry and unreal engine as well.  Most of all I will enjoy watching players try to beat the maps I will be creating.  I know a few people responding to this project.  One of the people on here has been consulting me for years.  I admire Rocky for letting all of the GR community post on his forum and he has helped me as well with  images for this project.  GR never died in Rocky's heart.  Did you ever think he would have hundreds of thousands of post?  He had a dream.  15 years later he has built an empire on this forum.  He had a choice, he was motivated, he had to pay the money for hosting fee's for 15 years.  So he now has the number one GR website in the world.  He didn't let nay sayers tear him down.  I'm not picking on you lightspeed.  I know you have a lot of talent as well as a good modder.  You put your time in and got recognized for what you did.  I think it is a good thing.  Just take one once and think to yourself, "What if people like the new remake". Just that little bit of hope will go a long way. 
      Remember your words are just an opinion.  The project will go on.  For me I will finish this project.  I will do most if not all the work as well as invest money in it that I have to spare.  Why, because I am motivated and I surely don't want to let Ghost Recon's Community down.  Maybe just maybe UBI will take a look at a few of the maps and say, "that team of people of ghostrecon.net pulled it off".  For me it's not fame nor is it ego.  The people that know me would tell you that.  So let's all work together and enjoy what we are doing.  I know you have a few good idea's that you can message me.  If so let me put them to use.  I respect your opinions and your mods.  Thanks for reading my long essay.  
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